Google India has come up with new interesting competition for all the children’s of India which is the so called “Doodle 4 Google”. This kind of competition also took place in the year 2009 which as themed as “My India”. But this time in the “2018 Doodle 4 Google” the theme is “What Inspires You”. So basically in this 2018 Google Doodle challenge, you need to paint a giant Google logo with crayons, watercolor, clay and much more. So all the art-loving student from India can bring out their creativity and imagination to Google and participate in the 2018 Doodle 4 Google.

2018 doodle 4 Google

When it comes to any competition, you might be wondering what would be the prize fro Google. Well in the announcement Google has also mentioned that the winner of this competition will be awarded 5 lakh college scholarship and much more. Here in this article, you are going to know in details about how to participate in the contest and more detail about the prizes that the winner will get, So let’s have a brief look at it.

More about the Doodle 4 Google:

This contest from Google is open for all the art lover from 1-10 and the art can be done in any form, you can either paint it with watercolor, use your crayons, print or you can even create a thing with clay. The basic thing is that you need to create your imagination and creative together in a piece of work saying Google and the best art wins. The art that wins the competition will be displayed on Google on Children’s day. Also in this year’s competition the original team leader of Google Doodle, Ryan Germick is going to look upon the entries and is going to select the winner.

Doodle 4 Google 2018

So for entries, the last date for submitting your artwork to Google is October 6. While submitting you should also mention what you art describes or the message that the artist wanted to pass through the art. Well, the selection of the winning art be in the manner that the selectors of Google are going to select top 20 doodles which are creative and has a message on it. After that, all the 20 doodle will be public for voting, so the art with the highest vote will win the competition. So if you are also taking part in the competition and are getting ready to draw then don’t forget about the theme, merit and also your creativity.

What does the winner get?

If you happen to be the winner of the 2018 Doodle 4 Google then you can expect to get plenty of things from Google as a reward, after you can be participating in the competition that is organized by Google. So the winner gets 5 lakh rupees as a college scholarship, 2 lakh rupees for a technical kid for the school the kid is from, a free trip to the headquarters of Google India, also you will get a certificate or trophies of achievement. Also, you will get a surprise box from Google which Google calls it a “Googley Swag” where you might also get Google phone. To participate in the Doodle 4 Google 2018 from the given link.

So these are all the information that you need to know for the “2018 Doodle 4 Google” competition. Take part in the competition and win some interesting prizes from Google. As you have seen the winning prize given by Google is interesting, and the best part is that your work will be displayed in Google. So if you also do art and following your passion of being an artist, then submit your art work on the link given on the article above.

2018 ‘Doodle 4 Google’ – Google New Contest With 5 Lakh Prize Money
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