5 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators for Windows and Android!

3DS emulators make easy and simple to play 3D games on Android phone and PC. All rare and new games quickly emulated on PC with the help of Nintendo 3DS emulator. 3D games are expensive and you won’t be able to play those 3D games if you don’t have a console. Console to play 3D is expensive and might you can’t afford it. As there is a substitute of the expensive console, so why should you go for it? Try Best 3DS emulator.

PC still remains the best console to play all types of games. With the advancement of technology the complexity of console increases and so we need a well hardware configured system to emulate games. But with the development and advancement of Nintendo emulator, now it provides a high quality of graphics that will give better 3D experience on PC.Nintendo 3ds emulators

Best 3DS emulators for Android & PC

Below you will get to know about the best 3DS emulator using which you can play all 3D games on your Android, MAC and Windows system. Its only Nintendo emulators, that helping us by emulating all 3D games directly on PC.  In 3DS emulators for Nintendo game, you can even customize the gaming controls in order to be more comfortable on controls. So, check the below list of all free some Nintendo emulators.

Citra 3DS emulator

It is an open source application which developed in the year 2015. With many up gradation and advancement in its coding, it is now on top of all 3DS emulator. This emulator offers original graphics and resolution. In some games, you can also manage the texture of games as per your requirements.

citra emulator

The developers of Citra regularly updating it and so now it can emulate every single game that runs at 60 fps and with 400×200 resolutions. Game Screen and resolution of games might differ from one another but Citra 3DS emulator managed it simply. It comes with many screen modes which get easily adapted with all games.

R4 3DS Emulator

R4 3DS emulator is another emulator which delivers original graphics, sound, and resolution as of original game. It the best that let you play all 3d games on windows and MAC pc. The controls of many games might not be comfortable for you, so it also offers you to customize game controls.

 R4 3DS emulator

This is free to download and using it you can play all types of 3D games on your computer. From the time of the first introduction of R4 3DS emulator, it has regularly undergone many updates and advancement that makes it compatible with the most recent 3D games developed.

Pretendo NDS Emulator

With the help of this emulator, you can play maximum DS games on Android phone and Tablet. Its interface is great and loaded with many features. This emulator doesn’t come with inbuilt ROM, so you need to buy ROM to play all 3Dgames directly on your PC.

Pretendo NDS Emulator

Controls of games may differ but here in this emulator you can easily customize and arrange all controls as per your requirements. With its features of customizing controls, this emulator is compatible with all recent and old games. The best feature of this emulator is its game-saving mode. It automatically saves your progress of any game that helps you to replay the game again and again.


It is another emulator that lets you play all 3D DS  game on Android. This emulator is widely available in all leading app stores but you need to pay some bucks to download and to install it. It has many features like custom controls, resolution adjustment that will make your game more entertaining.

drastic Emulator

Here in this emulator, you will get many cheat codes of games that will help you to progress more quickly in a game. Apart from it, you can even synchronize your game data and progress level directly on Google drive. If you are facing any problem with its service, you can contact their support team that providing service 24×7.


It is another open source emulator that comes free to download for Android and Windows PC. The interface of this emulator is not up to the mark but still, it is popular for its features.

retroarch 3ds emulator

Some of its important features are security, scanning for virus and maintaining the collection. With the help of this emulator, you can play games both on your PC and Android device.

Playing 3D games on PC and Android phone is very entertaining. Before, you have to go for some expensive console to play 3D and DS games on PC and Laptop. But with the introduction of Nintendo 3DS emulator, you can experience good graphics and better resolution on PC.  Yes, only for 3DS emulators gamers are now able to play any Nintendo exclusive games on PC and Android phone. Above I have listed all the best and popular 3DS emulators, so pick any and experience 3D games on PC.

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