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eWe will help you to find 5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android user. As we know nowadays in Android we see tons of games that support multiplayer play. So to choose from so many options we will select for you the best one to play with your friends. So let us know find explain you about 5 Best Online Games for Android 2018. Below are the top 5 best Multiplayer games for Android that anyone will love to play with any of your game makes or friends.best multiplayer games for Android 2018

5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android 2018 – Free Downloads

Android gaming with multiplayer games steadily rising better day by day with great GPUs and heavy-duty processors devices.  Now mobile has become a gaming console where we can play different varieties of games. In Android, we can find both online and offline games to play. Offline games mainly we play as a single player. But in android with online gaming, we play with multiplayer which is truly amazing. With Multiplayer games for Android, we can now invite our friends to play with us and even from Facebook, we can ask any friends to play with us.

8 Ball Pool:online game for android

8 Ball Pool is one of the best local Multiplayer Games for Android online and most played the online game on Android. 8 Ball Pool is a direct simulator game with a very simple concept which can be played easily on Android devices. For all 8 Ball Pool players, there is good news as now the new version is available for all multiplayer game lovers. 9 Ball mode Multiplayer game is now available with the best of both gaming modes for all users.

Last Day on Earth:top multiplayer games for Android

Last day on Earth is one of the best Zombie shooter Multiplayer Games on Android. Last day on Earth is a survival strategy game in which MMORPG zombie is a free survival shooter. By one target all the survivors are driven, the player needs to stay alive and shoot all walking dead zombies and have to survive till the post-apocalypse game. The only objective is while creating new weapons and vehicles you have to survive against zombies. All Android user love this game to play on their mobile devices.

Critical Ops:best action multiplayer game for Smartphone

Critical Ops is a free download Android game which is available on Google Play store. Critical Ops is a fairly traditional first-person shooter game. In this game players job is to wipe out a bunch of terrorists, as there will be a lot of threats. Even user is able to play as terrorists. Similar to other FPS games it also features multiple combats. Customize version is available for the user who wants to buy for gear and character. Critical Ops is one of the best multiplayer games for Android.

Modern Combat 5:shooting online game for Android

Modern Combat 5 is also a free download android game for all online Multiplayer game lovers which is available on Google play store. Do you Know the name behind some of the best games is Gameloft and for your information, Modern Combat 5 is the best game till today on the Android platform? It includes features like high powered guns, online intense multiplayer action, and high graphics first-person shooter game.  For all lone warrior, there is a solo campaign mode for FPS lovers.

Asphalt 8:best racing online game

One of the best Multiplayer android game is Asphalt 8. This online game is not a free download game so the user needs to buy Asphalt first to play with its friends. Asphalt lets you take you to air and perform stunts and jumping off with your car. Asphalt 7 was the previous game in this series. This game was developed and introduced by Gameloft. For any new video game player, this game is one of the best to play with others online. It is the best Multiplayer racing game on android mobile, so we recommend you to play this game on your android phone. A new range of cars and tracks with high graphics with few new features of gameplay is added in the new version.

Top Multiplayer Games for Android Free – DOWNLOAD NOW!

Hence we hope this article will help you to find 5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android. But we also recommend you to try any one of these Games for Android once on your android phone and we hope you will enjoy playing those online games. Hope your search for top Android Multiplayer Games ends here. Do give us feedback and let as knowing your experience using these 5 best online games for Android. Please do not forget to give us feedback on all these games, after using it on your Android device.

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