Amazing Face ID Tricks for iPhone X – Must Try iPhone X Tricks for Its Users!

iPhone X comes with a plethora of specifications after launching worldwide. Among them, face ID is the most impressive feature of iPhone X now. Face ID is a security system like the Touch ID on iPhone X. However, the Face ID is a little bit slower than the Touch ID when it works in reality. That is not a big issue as it works quite fine on your device. Maximum time it works very well on your phone and sometimes it slightly frustrated. In the topic we want to show you some cool Face ID tricks for iPhone X, you should try on your face ID tricks

The reason behind those tips and tricks are it provides you reliability and better experience in using the Face ID. As this Face ID is the first generation product, so it carries some bugs, which need some time to fix by the developer. You remember how the first generation Touch ID works slowly on your iPhone at that time.  Similarly, the Face ID also gets a fix in many ways to get much better experience by the users. Without taking more time let us proceed to the next step.

Cool Face ID tricks for iPhone X You Should Try:

So now, you have reached to the perfect point from where you will get about the tips and tricks related to the face ID of your iPhone X. Face ID has various hidden features, which you must try once by following the list given here.

1. Hold your Device within 10-20 inches:

Do you know that Face ID works best when you will hold your device between 10 to 20 inches from your face? In some cases, it is too far so you need to keep the phone closer to your face and adjust according to your need. If you are in bed and you keep your phone in front of your face and the Face ID will not work. When the ID refuse to authenticate then maintain the proper angle, move it to the front, and back for proper matching.amazing face ID tricks

2. Use one swift motion try to tap and swipe:

The next tip for Face ID if iPhone X, is to use the Tap to Wake method. As like the general method, do not go for a way up the Slide button to wake your device. Suppose your phone is idle at the flat position and the screen is not wake up when you raise it then tap once on the bottom part and swipe up quickly.

3. No, wait for Animate the Pad Lock:

It is annoying to wait until the padlock completes it is animating. It will slow your phone processing in various ways. The way that it generally works is to swipe up from the bottom and you are on Home Screen. The authentication is done through Face ID. However, after testing it is said that the best way is to Swipe Up to Unlock. It also saves your battery life and results in you into an unlocked state.face ID feature

4. Attention Detection – Disable it:

Sometimes it is difficult to make direct eye contact when we are driving the car, lying on the table etc. In that case, the face ID is not able to works well. So try to disable the Attention Detection with the help of the following steps.

  • At first, go to the Settings menu and then choose General.
  • Now proceed to the Accessibility option and choose Face ID & Detection.
  • Thus, disabling the Attention Detection of your phone.

Now the Face ID will easily unlock your phone when you cannot make direct eye contact with your phone. However, it also increases the risk as the unknown face also can unlock your phone with an ease.

5. Do not Use Sunglasses: Face ID Tricks

Try to keep avoid using sunglasses while you are using Face ID. Some sunglasses are there which stop the IR to pass through the glasses. Face ID uses the IR detection on your faces. So avoid using the glass or disable the detection feature to use Face ID while using sunglasses.iphone x tricks

6. Face ID Fails? Use Passcode:

Suppose you are using your Face ID to authenticate your face and unlock your phone. If the face ID fails to work on the first attempt, then do not go for the second attempt. Simply enter the Passcode of your phone and the Face ID will automatically retain itself for the next time.

7. In Bright Light, Adjust the Angle:

It is common to use our phone when we are going outside. If we are standing outside in bright sunlight or having lighted area then the Face ID, get confused to detect your face. This is like the general camera. If you are facing any problem while unlock your device using Face ID then try the different angle or tilt the device in another way to adjust the proper combination.face id hacks

Final Words: Cool Face ID Tricks

That is all about the cool Face ID tricks for iPhone X you should try by your own. Besides that if, you are facing any problem in using the face ID then feel free to contact the service executives of Rather than that, you can use our above-given tips to get better reliability and efficiency in your Face ID authentication system. Hope this topic about tips and tricks of face ID is helpful for you all and has a nice day. Tap here for more tricks.

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