No more debate about the name of Android P, where the letter P was predicted in certain forms. As soon after releasing the final version of Android P preview; now it is ready to be public. We all know this new Android 9 will be coming to the public on Google own Pixel device. So, it is pretty much going to come on October 6, 2018, with the launch of Pixel 3.  and

However, the naming of upcoming Android 9 is finalized now. Unlike all Android OS naming, Android P has also named in form of the sweet dish. Till before, the name behind Android P was uncertain, Google Officially named new Android 9 and settled down all the naming debate today.Android pie

Now Android 9 Has A Name Officially: Another Sweet Dish From Google

Android P will be the next OS version from Google, which is one of the most dominating mobile operating systems with iOS. This OS will be featured in the next Google Pixel 3 devices and will be available for other Android devices very soon. As Google introduced the final beta preview version of Android P, Google is all meant to release this OS as soon as possible.

Googe could come with their next Pixel devices in October, as per the new report. Previous Pixel devices were launched in October and this year also Pixel 3 will get revealed in October. Not just this generic idea but Google may have accidentally leaked the release date of Google Pixel 3.

Google’s own Famebit could launch Pixel 3, this brand is partnered by the Google. So, it means the next Pixel device is entering early in October 2018. Google own Pixel devices have received massive positive feedbacks for its pure Android experience and top-notch camera. Well, its fans have to wait another two months for this new flagship. With unlimited leaks and renders, here we found some interesting updates about Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.Android P

As its trend, Google might make the Android P official release with the next Google Pixel 3 and Pixel XL device. With Pixel line up Google has made it one of the best Android devices. Till date, we have seen many leaks and rendering of Pixel 3 but it is too early to judge on this device. As the new leak from Famebit, hints Pixel 3 could hit in the market on October 6, 2018. This leak seems pretty reliable as this is leak is from Only time can conclude all about these rumors, until the Google Partnered brand.

Android P Received An Official Name

Some tech freak called it Papermint, Indians guessed it as Pedha. Alongside this all naming debate, Google today make it official and Android 9 would be called as Android Pie. Yes, Android Pie is the name of the new Android 9 version. This may not justify some fans who have a guess and wished some other good names but for now, it is official. Like before Android L, was expected to be Indian sweet as Ladu, and this year also some part of Indian users hope Android P should be named as Android Pedha (which is again Indian sweet’s name).Android 9 pie

However, it is true that Google named it in a good form and justify calling it Android Pie. As this is the final name of this Android version and we hope this Android version should hit very soon beside its naming. What do you think about this new Android 9 Pie naming? Are you happy with it or was expecting some Good?

Well, you can comment what were you guessing or hoping to happen this Android P, let us know Android P predicted names, as we would like to know from you.

Android 9 With An Official Name: Another Sweet Dish From Google
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