Google has finally released the beta version of the Android P today to test the software before releasing it. The final Android P might be releasing next month soon. This is Google 4th beta test and it is said that the beta software has the final system behaviors installed in it.

Which means the new features of the software that is the gesture-based navigation should be locked in the beta software. Whatever features you are seeing in this beta software all are going to come with the final release of Google Android P, there may be many improvements needed on many features which can be managed in later software updates.

Overall all of the features that you are coming through in the beta software will end up coming in the final Android 9.0 official release.

Android P

In this release of the Google Beta 4 software release, they have claimed that this software will not have any known bugs that will be needed to fix to test this software on your mobile phone. Whereas in the previous beta release of the older Android version there was always some bugs for which we were unable to test the software correctly.

But now we hope that it will be stable enough that we will be able to install it on our mobile phones and try out lots of application that a normal person uses daily.

Well as there are no errors in the beta software, but if there is an error that needs to be changed then we will be sharing it on our following articles. We hope that we don’t need to share about the errors in our following articles.

The beta version of Android P has lots of visual and functional changes that you would definitely enjoy. The settings button of the phone has got a new look. Also, you can on the go edit and annotate your screenshots easily. The best features that we have felt is that you have got a real makeover on multitasking now, as you can check out the preview of each apps window before doing it. Yes, you will be getting the round corners on every app Windows, so No perkier sharp corner screens.

There are some features that are missing in the Android P beta version and those are dashboard breakdowns and app timers. But the company have said that they are soon going to come up with the features in the software, so we have been assuming that this features will be released soon with the Pixel 3 or in the Google Android version 9.1.

Coming to the name of the new Android, we are not yet sure that this new version Android 9.0 will comes with a name Android P. But following the strong rumors of Google Android naming we have also assumed the new version of Android to be named as Android P.

Android P Beta Version Launched | Google Has Added New Looks
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