Apple is all ready with their new device to take over the smartphone market in the coming days. As you have already known about the forwards of the release date of Galaxy Note 9. So most of the Apple fans have been asking about the new Apple phone that is going to be launched in the market soon, as there are no rumors to date. Everyone is mentioning Apple on Social media, Whats Next? As Samsung has already revealed some of the key features of their new flagship device that is the Note 9. But Apple has not even rumored their new device name in any of the platforms. Excitingly yesterday night Apple has come up with an interesting news about their new device.

new iPhone

Apple still didn’t mention anything about the naming of their new phone, but they have clearly mentioned that the new iPhone will come with a new full LCD display which is 6.1 inch. So for all those who love bigger screen phones have a great news from Apple. Also, Apple has quoted that they will try to bring out the phone in the market with lesser bezel than the iPhone X. So let’s have a detailed look at the new rumor from Apple that they have shared.

New Apple iPhone with Bigger screen:

Last year when Apple has launched their flagship phone on their 10th anniversary that is the iPhone X, lots of iPhone fan were really complaining about the price structure of the phone, as the introductory price of the phone is from $1500 which is really high for phones. So this time, Apple was rumored that they are going to bring out a 6.1 inch iPhone with full-length LCD display and also with cheaper price than the iPhone X.

6.1 inch new iPhone

So this time Apple is going to come up with a new Japan LCD “Full Active Screen” instead of OLED to cut the cost of the phone. But when speaking of the quality of the display, well we guess Apple is going to compromise on the quality of display let they use any technology for the display. Also, the new iPhone will have lesser than 0.5mm bezel which is literally lesser than the last iPhone that is the iPhone X.

Expected features of the new iPhone:

Here are the expected features of the new iPhone that Apple has rumored yesterday evening, well there is no technical specification revealed but, they have given enough information about the display.

  • As you have already know that the new iPhone is going to come with the “Full Active LCD screen” which is the new Japan technology.
  • This will be followed by new Japanese “Pixel Eye” touch sensor which is newly developed for Apple product.
  • Also, there is a rumor about the “Four sides narrow frame”, but it is not being said that how narrow will the bezels be. It is just said that the bezel of the phone will be as thin as 0.5mm, so if you compare with the iPhone X then it has 1mm thick bezel. But maximum of the iPhone fans are assuming that the LCD display will have larger bezels than the OLED display
  • The new iPhone is also rumored to come in different colors like blue, red, yellow. This rumor comes out every time Apple is going to release its new device, but this time we are hoping that the news would be true with all those attractive colors.

When to expect this phone:

So these are some of the expected features of the new Apple iPhone that is soon going to be released in late September of the year. All of these features are recently rumored by Apple itself, so we guess all of this features are believable.

So finally, Apple is going to come with a new 6.1 inch LCD display with new technology from Japan, you will also get some more features like Pixel Eye. Also, there will be many extra new features, but Apple has not yet disclosed the features of the phone, so till date, we have only know about the increased size of the phone, new colors to be added and other extra features. If Apple comes up with new rumors then for sure we are going to discuss it on our upcoming articles but till date comment down what are your thoughts on the new iPhone 6.1 inch LCD display.

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