Days back a new rumor was for Dual SIM iPhone, where a report claimed Apple may release iPhone with Dual SIM support. This report was hinted when a new iOS 12 Dev Beta 5 showed a dual-SIM status. Here a generation of the diagnostic shared by 9to2Mac, where you can clearly see the details, where in a report with secondSimStatus and secondSimTrayStatus. This report suggests maybe Apple is planning is cooking a dual-SIM iPhone. Well, may not be the next upcoming device or time will make it clear.

Dual SIM iPhone

While this rumor is ongoing, we already said, it would be market specific or would be limited to some market. Yes, iPhone Dual SIM is not coming in some countries and as of now, India is one of them. Well, it is a real pain for the India iPhone fans.

Dual SIM iPhones are really popular in Asian countries and every Android manufacturer do offer dual SIM feature in their all Smartphone. Dual SIM is a most anticipated feature in iPhone by the most of the iPhone users.

We all know iPhone does come with single SIM feature only. Now they may be planning for Dual SIM, as the hype of this feature is pretty demanding. However, it may not be so easy for Apple to bring this featured iPhone in India.

Dual SIM iPhone May Not Come in India: China Exclusive

Despite all rumors about upcoming iPhone, preparing its iOS 12 for next iPhones and iPads, leaked iPhone X Plus design & display, the next iPhone is not far from its launch date.

In the recent iOS 12 Dev Beta 5 rendering, dual SIM iPhone has become another hot news among tech republic. While many rumors are cooking for Apple upcoming launch or products, larger iPhone X Plus seemingly confirmed by a leak in iOS 12 beta. So, besides every leak, this new leak is all about iPhone X Plus design concept and nothing much.IOS beta 5

Additionally, in the leaked image iPhone X Plus seemingly having a customary lock button, which is located on the right side. This image also clears, iPhone isn’t getting button-less design anytime soon. For that, iPhone fan might have to wait for another generation.

Dual SIM feature may come in the upcoming iPhone X Plus coming this year. So, it is too early to judge this rumor but as we can see with the latest iOS Dev Beta 5 Diagnostic report, Apple may be cooking this feature for their future iPhones and making iOS 12 readies for it. Also, seeding feature in iOS 12 could be another reason to include this feature in the next iPhones this year.iPhone X Plus leak

This newly rumor about DUAL SIM iPhone launch is to be China exclusive. So, Indians or other parts of the world shouldn’t expect for the DUAL SIM variant of iPhone. However, Dual SIM phones in India or other parts of the Asian countries are hugely demanding. So, we can hope Apple may launch it in the other markets as well.

Well, only time could explain us about all these rumors and reports and hope Dual SIM iPhone never come exclusively for China. This most anticipated feature in iPhone should be available for all iPhone fans. What do you think about this new rumors China Exclusive Dual SIM iPhone? Would you miss this feature being from another market? Let us know your thoughts by commenting in below.

Apple Dual SIM iPhone: India May Not Get This Model Sooner
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