Apple has been updated its own App Store for iOS devices to 5.1. This new update from Apple is quite noticeable with major changes in the App Store. With some major features, better support for app search and interface changes. Well, it is not the first update of the Apple App Store, but this recent update might be noteworthy for iOS users. For iOS users, it is a good news where they can have better user experience in the new updated 5.1 version of Apple App Store.Apple Store update

Additionally, Apple has promised to make its iOS 12 better performance improvements and bug fixes. Apple has received many bug reports, bad performance with their current iOS 11. In Worldwide Developers Conference event (WWDC) Apple released its latest iOS 12 for the developers. As promised by the Apple official, it is by far the smoothest and better-performing app by many users reports on Reddit and most reviewers. In a recent rumor that Apple is coming with a 6.1” inch display iPhone, which is another hyping news for the iOS users.

Hence, this new update to the App Store is one part of their promises which is to deliver a better user experience.

New Apple App Store for iOS Received Revamped Interface, Voice Search

With the limited update in App Store, this update is for every iOS device such as iPhone and iPad. This update was firstly reported by the 9to5Mac and it suggests the new Apple Store app will offer a better searching interface. Now the Apple Store app users can use their voice command to search products and other Apple news. This new update also brings bug fixes, redesigned interfaces, new microphone icon for voice search.

Regarding its new app update, Apple added

Search has been updated with an enhanced design. And it’s now powered with speech recognition technology for better search results. With a fresh look and the addition of speech recognition technology, it’s never been easier to find products, stores, sessions, and more

Apple Store App Update Summary

Not so much feature has been added to the Apple Store app but few changes are might be useful for an Apple Store App user. Here are some of the changes that you need to know about;

  • Among the few updates, the new voice search is the major feature. This feature is introduced in the recent update of the Apple Store app. So, now its users would be able to search for products and updates by a voice command. For this app users now they can use this new voice search feature instead of using typical type and search.
  • As of the new this voice search feature, you can see a tiny mic icon in the search bar. The search interface gets revamped interface change, now user can find the top searches or the trending searches by the majority users. New search result list is now gets improved card-like format. Basically, the new Apple Store app with version 5.1 interface is similar to the Itunes Store.

How to get the new Apple Store App?

Apple Store app is free to download from its own Apple App Store. By downloading now, the user will get the newest version of this app or if you already have this app then you will need to update the app from Apple App Store. Make sure is iOS device is up to date or device is running on iOS 10 or later versions.

App store update

  • Go to the App Store and type & search for the Apple Store app.
  • Click on the search result and tap on Install button.
  • It will start downloading on your device and within a few moments get installed.

Or if you already have this app, you will need to open the app store and go to the Updates section. Find out the App Store app and tap on the Update button.

These new update from Apple Store Apple brings news interface and voice command action. Hence, it makes a better user experience than ever, which is some part of iOS 12 improvements. So, what do you say? Do you think this update in the Apple Store app worth update? Let us know what else feature you need in this new app or tell us if you are happy with this update or not in the comment section.

Apple Store App Gets Revamped Update – All New Features & Changes
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