5 Best Apps Like Xender For High Speed File Transfer [Xender Alternative Apps]

Infrared was the first mode of file transfer between mobile phones. Then came along Bluetooth, this mode was much faster than Infrared. But there was one problem with both these file transferring methods which is that they both could only transfer one file at a time. The biggest breakthrough was when we file transfer apps were introduced and Xender is one of those apps. But this post won’t be providing you with the details of the app. You will find some of the best apps like Xender here.

xender alternative apps

You even don’t need internet to transfer files. Apart from this you can even connect your device to your PC via Wi-Fi and transfer through the web browser. Transferring files with Xender was way easier and faster. The best part was that one can send a single file to multiple devices at a time.

Today we will be looking for some best apps which we can call Xender alternative apps. Recently I have shared one detailed guide on Xender for PC Download which you can also check out.

Top 5 Apps like Xender for File Transfer:

There are lots of apps that seem to be a great Xender Alternative. Some of those apps are mentioned here in this list.

1. AirDroid

AirDroid is one of the best Xender Alternatives. You can wirelessly connect your Smartphone t your PC and can even transfer files through this. There are lots of exciting features of this app too.

You can transfer an unlimited amount of files using remote transfer and transfer larger files is also possible. One of the most lovable features of this app is that it takes photos of the person who snoop on your phone or tries to forcibly unlock it.

You need to create an account to use this app and you can use this one account on 6 different devices. There are some premium features of this app and you need to make some payments for those.

Airdroid Xender Alternatives

2. CShare

CShare is a file transfer app which is quite similar to Xender. The features of this app are similar to Xender. You can download this app from Google Play Store for free.

For sharing files through this app you just need to be in close proximity. This app will provide you with high-speed data transfer and you can share different media like photos, videos, games, songs, etc.

You can also send and receive multiple files to and from PC. Apart from these, a lot of new features also have been added to this app which makes it one of best alternatives of Xender.

app like Xender apk

3. SHAREit

The only app that is on par with the popularity of Xender or this might even be more popular than Xender. It is a multi-platform app that was actually developed for Windows but it was made available for Android as well.

Sharing files through Xender is quite possible and you can transfer all kinds of files. The user interface of Xender is very easy to use and this makes it very easy to transfer files through SHAREit.

This is among the popular apps like Xender, you can send files to multiple devices in a single go. You can use this app on your PC too and all that you need to do is download SHAREit for PC.

SHAREit Xender Alternative

4. SuperBeam

This is another best alternative to Xender app that you can use. The best thing about this app is its UI. The UI of this app is quite smooth and it is very easy to use too.

Another remarkable feature of this app is the QR scanning with which you can easily connect to other devices. The data transfer rate of this app is fast too, you can transfer a file of 1 GB within 1-2 minutes.

And you don’t need Wi-Fi or Internet date to transfer files through this app. You would be quite surprised by the features of this app.

Xender app alternative

5. Zapya

This app is one of the old file transferring apps like Xender. This was said to be one among the best before Xender was developed. It is also said that this app is ten fastest among all the file transfer apps that are available until today.

You can even use it in on a PC and not just that file transfer between two PC’s is quite possible too with the help of this app.

You can transfer all kinds of files with this app and that includes data files too. Zapya developers have stated that this app is 128 times faster than Bluetooth.

Zapya Xender Alternative

Final Words:

And there you have it. Apps mentioned on this list are some of the best Xender Alternatives. But there are apps that are better or similar to these apps too.

If you are bored with Xender or want a change then you can get one of these apps like Xender. I am quite sure that you won’t be disappointed after using these apps. So get one of these apps as soon as possible.

If you are Blackberry smartphone user then you can also Download Xender for Blackberry for free. Even iPhone users can also check out Xender for iPhone guide.

Hope this post was of help to you!

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