Top 9 Apps to Learn Japanese Fast to Speak & Write [Free Apps]

Today on this page, we will get to know about 10 apps to learn Japanese language. Nowadays flexibility in the different languages is the most important thing. It is an age of globalization for which you need to know some foreign languages like Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc.  Before we need to take classes or coaching to learn any foreign language but with the advancement of technology people can now learn Japanese from online.

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To make learning easier and efficient many apps have been developed to learn different foreign language. Likewise, there are many Japanese learning apps also available that might not know. With the help of these apps, you can easily be fluent in the Japanese language. Japanese teaching apps will teach you from beginning to advance of any foreign languages. There are many apps that will help you to learn Japanese language but here I am listing Top 9 best app to learn to speak Japanese.

9 Apps to learn Japanese for Free:

Mainly if you are related to business that serving international clients then you need to get rid of the communication gap. It is great if you can talk with someone in their language. If you can then he will be pleased and you can complete your task easily. You can try my latest article on Best Tinder Alternatives for dating.

To help there are different apps which will teach you to learn different languages. Below you will get to know about some amazing apps to learn Japanese. Install any on your Android phone and start learning Japanese from now.

1. FluentU

It is the best Japanese dictionary to learn the vocabulary and grammar of the Japanese language. This app is mostly used as within it you can learn Japanese from native speakers. Using this app you can learn Japanese which mainly need in real life.japanese learning app It not only just teaches Vocabulary or grammar but also it will teach you through videos, music, film, documentary and much more. This app to learn Japanese is very interactive as it will teach you in many different approaches. This app is free and available in Apple app store, so if you own an iPhone or iPad then get this

2. The Flashcard Friend

It is not just an app it is a heaven to learn Japanese. This app will teach you how to construct a sentence in the Japanese language. Using this app you can import kanji and can develop your own deck. It will first teach you with different words and its use as a flash card.apps to learn japanese You can even check your progress in the Japanese language through its vocabulary quiz which you need to complete in time. You can even flip any question if it seems hard. In together it is a training app to make you familiar with the Japanese language. It is available in the app, software for every platform.

3. Learn Japanese


It is another learn Japanese app android free also available for both iOS users. If you have just started to learn Japanese then you should try this app as it is ideal for beginners.japanese learning apps It has more than 800 inbuilt words which you can use to make a sentence. Uses of every word are beautifully presented through audio listening which you can use properly. You can even check any Japanese word pronunciation as in this app you can record and later you can check it with the master behind this app.

4. The Kim’s Guide

It is an online guide to teach Grammar in the Japanese language. It is a suitable app for both beginners and advanced learner.leaning japanese This app is a book which guides you step by step in learning the Japanese language. As in the book, everything is divided into a section which is also maintained in this The Kim’s Guide app. Step by steps going through its different lessons you can learn grammar and usage of the word in a sentence.

5. Hello Talk

It is another Japanese language learning app which is free and compatible with both in iOS and Android. It is a community app where you need to submit your profile in your language and set a language that you want to learn. This app has many users from worldwide who can teach you a foreign language.japanese language learning As this learn Japanese apk, its users are also helpful whom you can connect through chatting. Those who are master in the Japanese language you can exchange message with them and also they will correct grammar if they any mistake. The approach of this app is different from others that makes it a popular app to learn Japanese.

6. ePenpal

It is a free and interactive Japanese learning app which is available on Google Play Store. It is another community app where you can exchange messages, an image with others.learn the japanese language It has an inbuilt map which will help you to find any Japanese learning partner as well as master nearby you. How do you learn Japanese? Well, this app has been used by millions of users so using this app you can interact with other users who are proficient in the Japanese language.

7. IMIWA Free

How can I learn Japanese for free? Well here is another app for this purpose. It is a free app available in the Google Play Store. The interface of this app quite good and everybody will familiar within a few days.imiwa app to learn japanese It is a dictionary which will provide you meaning those are imported from a dictionary like romaji, kanji, etc. You can learn Japanese from wide varieties of example which will teach you to construct sentence and grammar. This app is updated frequently which adds more stuff to learn Japanese easily.

8. The Dictionaries: Japanese

It is another Japanese dictionary app where you can have lots of word with meaning. Every word is briefly described along with examples in audio example.Japanese learning apps Using this app you have proper knowledge of the verb, the conjunction of the Japanese language. The interface and design are developed greatly which helps it, users, to learn Japanese more easily and quickly. If you want to install this app then download its recent version as on each update it comes with many interesting features.

9. NHK easy Japanese News

It is a free app full of different study materials. But for complete study material you need to purchase it.Japanese teaching app It offers a simple approach daily to make you more familiar with the Japanese language. It’s inbuilt audio training also helps its users to proper grammar and use of any word. Spending daily few minutes you can be proficient in the Japanese language within a few months.

Final Words:

It is always good to have knowledge of some foreign language. But learning foreign is not so easy you need to give time with dedication. Thanks to these 9 Japanese teaching apps that make learning the Japanese language easily and quickly. All over the internet, there are many options for apps to learn Japanese but here I have listed the top 10 best apps. What is the best app to learn Japanese? Well, install any of the apps and learn Japanese within a few months.

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