WhatsApp is a large online messaging app which is very popular across the world. This online messaging app is not only being used by individuals, but lots of companies have been using WhatsApp for notifying their customers, reminding due date and much more with WhatsApp Business app. Everything was running for free till date in WhatsApp, which means you could use all the features for free. Talking about the business account, you could send a message to your customers with 100% delivery report overseas. But as WhatsApp is going through many costs to maintain the privacy of your text message and is also reaching more people quickly, they have decided to charge all the business accounts.


So finally, WhatsApp has decided to start charging all the business accounts, if you are also having a business account on WhatsApp for sending messages to your customers, now you will be charged. Regarding the charges, WhatsApp may charge a message depending on the country that you are sending, or depending on the country from where your company is registered. So there are many queries, let’s have a look at WhatsApp have said on last Wednesday at the conference.

WhatsApp charges:

So last Wednesday Whatsapp has concluded that now you can use the WhatsApp Business API to connect with your customers but with some charges. The charges will vary from 0.5 cents to 9 cents per messages depending on the country where you are working. Also, Facebook has said that they have been really looking forward to monetizing Whatsapp and is spending a huge amount on improving the Privacy safeguard and also taking care of the social media addictions.

Charges of Whatsapp

So with all this report from Facebook, we can conclude that they wanted to raise funds for improving WhatsApp as the best online messaging application. Coming to the charges that Facebook is going to charge to every WhatsApp business profile holder, it is not expensive as you will be spending only some few cents sending messages like event tickets, appointment reminders, shipping statement and much more to your customers. Overall the charges that WhatsApp will take for using the business API is OK while compared with the other official messaging services.

An announcement by WhatsApp:

After announcing that a new WhatsApp is going to charge per messages for big business below a penny. They have also concluded that from January onwards they will also allow small business to use the WhatsApp business API and get connected with their customers, as there are more than 3 million active users in WhatsApp. Also, Matt Idema, the Chief operator has said that WhatsApp will also charge to the small companies in the future.

Also, Facebook has said that now any individual can now check out the amount of time they spend on their app Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. So they can set their own time for each day and if the time exceeds you will get a notification from the application which is a very good feature towards social media addictions, and with all that Whatsapp has also got group video call features now. Also, you can turn off notification from any apps by Facebook for eight hours a day which is known as Free time features.

So these were are the announcement that Facebook has made last Wednesday regarding the issues and all the new features that have introduced for the betterment of the platform. Also, you can now control yourself for not overdoing social in your work or study period.

Alternatives to WhatsApp Business:

Well, if you want to use the alternatives app to WhatsApp business where you can get almost the same features then here are the list of some few apps that you can use. Thes applications will also help you in sending messages to your customers, but it is not sure if your message will be 100% delivered or not. The apps are Slack, Troop Messenger, Flock, Chat Work, all of these applications are free to use, but the interface of some application is little laggy. But overall these are some of the best alternatives to WhatsApp business that you can use if you don’t want to use WhatsApp business.

So here all the information of how WhatsApp is going to charge for every business account holder and what are the charges be like. The charges are fine, as you are going to pay below a penny for sending a single message to your customer and the charge will be depending on the country. Also, they have added some more exciting features on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp app that will help you to limit the use of social media in everyday basis. Share your thoughts regarding the charges of WhatsApp and also the new features that are added, in the comment section.

WhatsApp Started Charging For Business Users – No More Free Messaging
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