In the official support site of Apple, it has updated that the price range of old battery replacement will go up for iPhones. This thing is going to effect from the first week of next year. After a long group discussion between the support team of Apple, it has been decided that the replacing cost of old, battery from iPhone warranty will cost you almost $79 from 2019. iPhone user can also tell that this is a high rise taken sharply from $29 to $79 in a single time only. The increase in replacement battery price will be applicable for all the models of iPhones until now. Therefore, it is sure that from 1st January 2019 battery replacement prices go up for iPhones.

According to the information updated by the support team that, the cost of replacing the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS max and iPhone XR batteries will also get join in the new price list. For the new iPhones, you need to pay $69 from the first day of January 2019 for those phones. Except for these three models, the other iPhones is currently cost you $29 as per the eligible replacement offer now. However, in the next year, those eligible models will cost you $49 as per the new rules. Besides that, all other eligible iPhone models will cost you $79 from the next year only.

What is there in battery replacement ‘Price Up’ information?

The new price range for battery replacement in the current iPhone models is applicable to the devices, which are out of warranty now. Thus you can say that the iPhone X which is under warranty or your device is registered under AppleCare+ then you can get a free replacement of Battery. As per the battery gate, Apple Company has also built up and launched a new feature that is known as ‘Battery Health’. Using this ‘Battery Health’ feature user can easily spot the current condition of their iPhone battery. According to the battery health, you can now decide whether you need to replace it or not.

To access this feature you need to open the phone Settings and then navigate to the Battery option and choose Battery Health.  At first, this feature was introduced in iOS 11.3 and now it is available in iOS 12 beta version too. Moreover, yesterday the new series of iPhone XS and iPhone XR has launched by Apple in Apple Park, California. In the new range of smartphone you can get Apple iPhone XS5.8-inch display with OLED screen), iPhone XS Max (6.5-inch display with OLED screen), and iPhone XR (6.1-inch display with LCD screen) too. All these new models are building up within the basis of iPhone X only. However, the latest devices have launched with a faster processor and other powerful hardware as well.

Final Words:

So at last, we want to tell you that this is the prior information, which we have received from the support team of Apple in advance. Depending on this news, up to 31st December 2018, we can replace our old iPhone battery at the current price only. However, after that i.e. from 1st January 2019, we need to pay the cost as per the new list according to the different range of devices discussed above. Moreover, the iPhone users who are under the Apple official warranty or under Apple Care+, they need not pay any cost for the replacement of the battery.

Battery Replacement Prices Go Up For iPhones From 1 January 2019
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