Best Apps for iPhone X 2018 | Top Optimized App Collection for iPhone X!!

Check out exclusive best apps for iPhone X, which well-optimized apps for iPhone. And also, I will be adding the best AR apps for iPhone X. So, if you just owned this top-notch iPhone device then you may like to know this app list. Make your iPhone X more smart and useful using these top iPhone X Optimized apps.

iPhone X is arguably the best of any iPhone line up and one of the best smartphone as of now. So, having this app is probably give you the best feel as of now. The all-new iPhone X has got a new screen terms with a notch on the screen. Also, the new generations A11 Bionic chip are insanely fast, which is technically fast as twice as Snapdragon 835. This new SOC is also a great improvement over Augmented Reality, so if you want to take advantages of this smartphone you must know some of the cool apps for iPhone apps for iPhone x

We are not going to concern as Mini Militia for iPhone or other common apps like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram generall apps. So, without taking much time here, let us see the must-have top apps for iPhone X;

Best Apps for iPhone X | Optimized App Collection for iPhone X

We can see a lot of apps being released for iOS device users. Though it is normal for all iPhones to download but it is not the same case for iPhone X, as it does have improved X-reality feature and notch on the screen. Here, we have chosen best app for iPhone X, which are well-suited on iPhone X.

As you might have seen most of the apps still not optimized for its weird screen format. And after the iOS11 Apple shows breathtakingly demos; till now many Augmented Reality apps have been released. You may like to be in a new of best AR apps for iPhone X.

So, here is the list of best iPhone X optimized apps;

Best iPhone X Apps 2018 | Apps collection that you didn’t know

Here I will be listing down AR apps or best-suited apps for iPhone X; just download them on your iPhone X and enjoy better app experience.

Holo (AR):

Augment Reality debuted with Apples iOS11 and since then we can see a laundry list of AR apps for iPhone or iPad users. Among them, Holo is one of AR apps, which can be download free from App Store.holo for iphone x It allows you to add AR character to your camera and make the fun thing with it. You can record video or snap pictures with the Holo app. This simply adds lifelike 3D or AR characters like Animals, holograms of people and much more. This AR is also pleasant to look at your edge-to-edge display and A11 Bionic SOC reality helps to run this app smoothly.



Numerical 2 also a free app that you can download from App Store. This is iPhone X optimized app fills more above the notch screen and uses two left-right corners horns. numerical 2 appThe app is basically a scientific calculator which you may need for some mathematical purposes. It is a must-have app for any users like students and who needs for scientific calculator most of the time. As said it is an optimized app for iPhone X; so, try it downloading on your device for free from below button.

Quartz (AR)

This is a unique concept business news app. Quartz is unique because of AR filled news summaries and information about the things that you look for.iphone x apps It is just like a Wikipedia app with Augment Reality support, where you can surf things virtually. So, it is much easier to understand the fact about your concerning things. The good things are that is works really great on iPhone X and free to download from App Store. To download this app, find a download button in below.


Now, this app doesn’t need any special intro, watch movies and exclusive series on your iPhone X. This app has been listed in this article, as because it is updated to its screen app for iphone While watching or streaming videos you can watch movies using full-screen or without the notch. Apart from that, it has many great features to entertain your weekend or break time. Please note that it needs membership will cost you and yes, downloading one of the best apps for iPhone is free; get it down here.


Now, this is an interesting app for your iPhone X if your like editing pictures a lot. Well, iPhone X has one of the best smartphone cameras and definitely, you will be taking a bunch of pictures with your iPhone X.darkroom app for iphone x Though, there are some good photo editing apps like Snapseed, PS Express, PicsArt etc, already in the best options. But I would also like to suggest you try this Darkroom app on your iPhone X. It is a must-have app for iPhone X users, just because of its simplicity and optimization for this device.



Tweetbot is a supporting app for the Twitter user, which has more features than the official version. It is just like controlling your Twitter account activity; you can view detail view with added analytics features. tweetbot for iPhone xThis is a recommended iPhone X app to use as because its interface is again optimized to use the full-fledged screen of the device. The will cost you $4.99 to download from App Store; by the way the amount totally worth money if you were looking for a perfect Twitter account analyzer.

Alto’s Adventure

Are you gamer!! It is again hard to find a game that uses full-screen of iPhone X but Alto’s Adventure is exceptional. The graphic of the game is immersive that uses the whole screen of this device and makes it pleasant to play.altos adventure for iOS Not just because of optimization but also the gameplay is really addictive. Alto’sAdventure will cost you $4.99 to download, however, the game totally worth if you love playing games or looking for best games for iPhone X.

The Witness

Here again, my favorite puzzled which I like to add to my list of top apps for iPhone X. It is really addictive game to play on any iPhone but more pleasant on iPhone X because of its edge-to-edge.The Witness app The Witness is paid and costs you $9.99 to download from App Store. It is only recommended to the people who love puzzled game and want to use in their iPhone X.

Wrapping Up:

So, these where all about top best apps for iPhone X to use this year 2018. As I said, there are many apps are getting released for iOS users. But choosing the best makes complicated because of plenty option. So, I have added some of the unique apps collection for your iPhone X. All of these apps are updated to its screen and UI; so that, now you can use this super expensive phone in a better way.

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Let me know if you have any queries to download or any of your best iPhone X apps selection and I will be happy to add it to my list, comment in below comment box.

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