8 Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android | Create Safe Private Media Files

Get 5+ top best photo & video hiding apps for Android to keep safe from an unexpected access to your media. Our life’s history page is our android phone as all our memories and special moments are stored in it as photos or videos we have saved. All of them may not be for public sharing, as we all have some personal and private stuff which we don’t want to Android phone. But someone is having your phone it is really embracing to stop them from going through your personal staff. In this article, I have enlisted 8 best Apps to hide photos and videos on Android to ensure privacy on your Smartphone.best hiding apps for Android 2018 For all android users, there are several apps to hide photos and videos. But here I will help you to find the best one from 8 best Apps to hide Photos and videos on the Android phone. Now one by one I will describe elaborately about all hiding apps. Read to know about all of them and download the best you find of your choice now.

8 Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android 2018

Now, in case you are looking for the best hiding apps for Android 2018 then here I will list out  5+ top gallery hiding apps. In this way, you can keep your photos and video safe from unusual access and view. Check out top apps to hide videos on Android smartphones in below.

1. Keep Photos Secret:

This is the first app in this list and Secret Photo vault works beyond exceptions as this app is a double layered password security App. In a hidden folder, it saves your all photos and videos, so that no one can access them using file manager or explorer. You can set each album with a secured password and set a four digit pin for this app. A fingerprint lock is also available which allows you to lock your private photos and videos. You can also be able to make the App disappear from recent App list with Stealth Mode on so that no one can open it.photo hiding app for android

2. Vaulty:

Vaulty is a reliable hiding app for photos and videos and performs its jobs perfectly. Once you open the App, just you need to select the media files that you need to hide from a gallery. You also need to set a password so that no one else can access. This app is extremely easy to use, using this app one can create multiple vaults which help to hide a variety of media files. Even users of this app will be able to upgrade the app to a premium subscription if the user needs backup their files to cloud.how to hide picture on smartphone

3. Keepsafe Photo Vault:

Keepsafe Photo vault is also a very popular app for hiding photos and videos on the android phone. Keepsafe photo vault provides password security system and even you can use fingerprint lock. Keepsafe also enables a user to store their photos and video to a cloud, also user can keep a backup on the cloud using this app. Keepsafe is designed such a way that it looks like an audio application so that normal people do not get able to understand about the app. So keepsafe photo vault app is really safe App to use for this purpose.hide Android photos

4. Gallery Lock:

Gallery lock is yet another amazing app for Hiding photos and videos. Gallery lock helps to lock the full gallery. Gallery lock has a security lock which can be open by pin lock or password. This app hides itself from the list, just enable the stealth mode on which will disappear all recent apps and disappears from a launch pad. Gallery lock was developed by Morrison Software.This app is free for Android device.hiding apps for Android

5. Vault:

Vault is also one of the best apps to hide photos and videos on Android. It helps to secure your photos, videos, and even apps. With this app, a user can keep call logs, contacts and SMS away from prying eyes as it includes features like private contact. Features like password protection ensure all photos and videos are locked in and kept hidden easily. The user only able to see photos and videos after entering a correct password only. Vault also has its premium version which includes many extra features like front facing camera which allows taking snaps of others trying to enter the wrong password. This app also includes features like cloud storage, stealth mode etc.vault apps for Android

6. Gallery Vault:

Fotox is also another android app to hide photos and videos. It is the most reliable App to protect your images and videos. Fotox has some secured lock which you can set face to unlock to secure your photos and videos. This app includes a funny feature which shows fake crash message and makes others believe that something is wrong. This app was developed by SMSROBOT ltd and it is free for android phones.fotox photo locker for Android

7. Safe Gallery:

The Safe gallery also capable of doing same like above all apps. This app can also hide enough audios, videos, and photos from gallery. And helps users to restore the data if something goes wrong with the device and user even can keep backup of gallery data if they want to keep on the cloud. This app also includes features like stealth mode or hidden mode doesn’t show app on the screen of your device.photo video hiding apps for Android


Vault hide is also one of the famous hiding photos and videos so that users private staff cannot be access without permission. It is a one-stop solution for hiding stuff on your android phone with few easy steps. This app is very user-friendly App and the user is able to hide photos, call logs, videos etc. This app will ask for users email id to reset a password and creates a secured backup for your staff. This App also has stealth mode feature to hide the app itself. A good hiding app to have!hiding apps for Android

Endnote: Get Your Favorite Best Media Hiding Apps for Android 2018

Hence we hope this article will help you to find Best Apps to hide Photos and Videos for Android mobile device. But we also recommend you to try anyone from our 8 best Apps to hide media once on your Android phone and we hope you will love it. Hope your search for best Apps to hide Photos 2018 ends here. Do give us feedback and let as knowing your experience using these best app to hide private files. Also share which app you are currently using on your smartphone hide your contents.

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