Top 10+ Best Browsers For Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista Free Download 2018

Browsers for PC are here to maximize the usability and better internet surfing. Even though there are lots of browser options for all the Windows user but it is really very confusing to choose the best one among them. So today here you will know about the top 10 best browsers for Windows 10/8.1/87/XP/Vista that you can use on your Windows PC and surf the internet the way you like to. Windows PC comes with an inbuilt browser Internet Explorer, but maximum users really don’t like the browsers, as you can use it in your own way. Likewise being a Windows PC user, you might also like best iOS emulator for Windows and make a way to this link for best browser for Windows PC

Most of the Windows PC users think that Google Chrome is the only best browser to use on the Windows PC. But there are lots of perfect browsers on the market that you can use, also you can use lots of plugin in the browser. Here you are going to know about the best browsers to use on your Windows device easily and use the internet as you wish to. All of these browsers are very supportive on every version of Windows.

Top 10 + Best Browsers for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista [Best PC Browser]

You all might be familiar with the names those I am going to list now. I will share what they offer and advantages in details that make them everyone’ favorite browser. Google Chrome is the best browser as we all know, but there are some chrome alternatives those fits strongly in this list of top 10 best browsers for Windows 10.

1. Mozilla Firefox:

It is one the best and regularly updated browser which is fast and comes with strong privacy tools. It is one of the flexible browsers for windows which support plugin and extension as of Google Chrome. It is compatible with all operating systems as Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS. Previously there are some issues on speed but with the recent update, it is a perfect alternative to Google Chrome for Windows. In terms of privacy, it is quite more advanced than other browsers, as it is fully a nonprofit organization which never share or sell any details of users like all others browsers do. If you want to download Mozilla for windows then download its latest version browser for Windows PC 2018

2. Opera

It is another browser that is now competing well as a browser for all platform let it be the phone or PC. With very fast browsing experience and with ad blocker it can be a good choice for all those who are looking for the browser for Windows 10. The interface along with its friendly UI makes it a perfect browsing machine. If I talk about its efficiency, it supports maximum plugins and extension along with many uncommon tools that makes it’s the best browser. It will increase the speed of browsing as it can compress the traffic and browse through their own opera server. If you are facing lag in speed on any other browser then you can choose Opera comes with many speed optimization techniques.browser for PC

3. Microsoft Edge

This browser is an inbuilt browser those who are using Windows 10.  Those who are using a lower version of windows need to upgrade to Windows latest version to use this browser. Its user interface is very much unique as compared to other. You can use the theme as also can view in a different mode. You might have come across some site those only support internet explorer but with Microsoft Edge, you can surf those as well. You will experience fast, secure and friendly internet surfing through Microsoft Edge.Windows browser for PC

4. Safari

It is compatible with all operating system and it is said to be the best browser for MAC. Though this is an Apple product still it lags but after many updates now it can load quite faster. It has many privacy tools that keep all data safe and secure. The interface is friendly that makes its usability best. Using this browser you will experience many features as specific on-page text search, multiple tab browsing and much more. Like on Google Chrome you will have voice assistance for any type of search. They are also providing quality user support those will help you in solving any type of issue.browser for laptop

5. Maxthon Cloud Browser

It was launched in the year 2008 and now it is popular for its simplicity and User Interface. It makes the whole browsing experience advanced as it is loaded with many features as an ad blocker, screen capture, inbuilt audio video downloader and many others. A recent version of this browser released which comes with a combination of two browsers, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. They also released a beta version where you all will have security advancement, information assistant, password management, etc. They also developed a browser named Nitro using which you can feel what the actual speed a browser need to have.pc browser 2018

6. Vivaldi

To make your experiment more pleasant you need to use Vivaldi. With many unique features and also with many customizable tools this browser is qualified to be in this list of the best browser of Windows. The interface of this browser is simple that makes internet surfing easier. Features like built-in reminder note, side panels, tab stacking make this browser an ideal one. Though it has been built with many powerful features but if you want more you can add plugin or extension to increase its usability. It is a perfect alternative of those who stuck with other browsers for many years.WIndows browser 2018

7. Comodo Dragon

It is another choice for those who are looking for a browser for Windows. It is developed using latest chromium technology to provide a safe browsing experience. It does not only provide you only chromium features as it also offers many other Comodo features which will enhance speed and security to a certain level. With this browser, you can identify SSL certificate as well as you can stop cookies if required. Sometimes you might have face browser crash or freeze which you can overcome by using this browser for Windows Windows browser

8. Lightning browser

It is a lightweight browser which is exclusively designed for Android users. With speed and light advanced features as ad blocking, a theme this can be a right choice for all. It is available on Google Play store in both free and paid version. The interface is quite friendly and its security is quite more advanced.

9. Brave

It is compatible with both Windows and Android mobile platform. It was launched in the year 2016 and claims to have a better experience than that of Google Chrome on both computer and mobile. It comes with speed optimization technology that enhances your browsing and downloading speed. If you have installed a brave app for mobile then it will also deliver the same thing along with battery saving features. It has all features what you are currently getting on Google Chrome or other best web browser for pc browser

10. Avant Browser: Avant Browser is a single platform based browser which only works on Windows PC only. This is also a useful browser which is developed by a Chinese developer to give you an extraordinary experience in Internet surfing. Feel free to use this browser on your Windows PC without any doubt.

11. Vivaldi Web Browser: If you want slightly different web browser rather than the common one then Vivaldi is the best option for you. This is a Chromium-based Web browser thus you can use all the Google Chrome extension in this browser in an ease.If you look feature wise then there is a bundle of features available for you through this web browser.


Wrapping Up: Best PC Browser 2018

Everybody now needs to connect to the internet for many things. To make connection safe and easy we use browser mainly Google chrome. Google Chrome is absolutely a good and advanced browser but people are facing issues like page freeze or not responding issue. So if you want to have a perfect alternative to Google Chrome as well as the best browser for windows then select any form the above listed top 10 Best Browsers For Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

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