Best Free Music Download Sites [Legal] – Android iOS Mac & PC in 2017

When you search for free mp3 songs download on the web, you may see numerous sites that offer download music free online. But, not all of these sites are worth visiting or reliable. There are some sites full of bugs or malware and when you download  mp3 from these sites, your device is put in risk. So, you are suggested only to rely on best free music download sites.

Personally, I prefer to stream music from reliable sites. Sometimes, I do download them to. My personal collection of free mp3 music download sites are Jamendo Music, NoiseTrade, SoundCloud and more.

In this article, I have shortlisted some of the best free music download sites for Android Phones, iPhone, Mac, and PC.

Best Free Music Download Sites for Android iOS Mac & PC in 2017

Free mp3 download sites

1: Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music has been around for quite a time now. It has been one of the best sites to offer free music downloads for phones and computers. The site is pretty responsive. So, no matter from what type of device you are trying to free mp3 songs download, it provides the best. Every single music download you make from Jamendo is free and legal. The site is protected by license, so no hassles. The site also comes with popular radio stations and its music database is updated regularly with new releases. Any type of music genre is available at this website. Visit Jamendo Music Here.

2: NoiseTrade

This is another one of the best free music download sites where you can get unlimited songs legally. In addition to that, you can also get books to download for free of cost. NoiseTrade is my favorite as mentioned above, for more than one reasons. It has a decent and clean outlook with numerous option to search a music on the go. Whether you are on phone or computer, this is among the best free mp3 music download sites to visit. The site covers every new release and trending albums and songs. Besides that, you will find interesting news about songs, albums, songwriters as well. Visit NoiseTrade Here.

3: SoundCloud

SoundCloud, yes. SoundCloud app is officially available at Google Play Store and iTunes. So, looking for best free music download sites for Android Phones and iPhones? SoundCloud is the best option you have. Mac and PC users too would be glad to know that SoundCloud website is also pretty dope. You are free to search for your favorite music and download without paying a dime. Because everything is free at SoundCloud. Generally, it is a music streaming site. However, it also comes with an offline feature that allows you download music and play them anytime, offline. You will get every new releases and old music contents here. Apart from that, many young talented musicians are also sharing their awesome music creations for free. Visit SoundCloud Here.

4: Amazon Music

Amazon is a reputed name around the globe. Literally, it has to come out to be one of the best sites to drop at. Hence I am placing Amazon Music at 4th because it comes with a comparative small database. Well, most of the music files or other things on Amazon may cost you bucks but you should be lucky to know that Amazon also comes with free music download section. Well, Amazon’s prime motive is to get more visitors engaged into their music streaming service. Free giveaway is one of the best ways to do so. What-so-ever, we are getting free mp3 songs download. However, you will need an additional app to download music files from Amazon that is shareable offline. Visit Amazon Music Here.

5: SoundClick

The list of Free mp3 download sites could not get any complete figure without mentioning SoundClick. The site actually works like a torrent search engine to provide music download links from other numerous sites. Hence, SoundClick is a reliable site for free mp3 songs download on phone or computer. Although most of the music available at SoundClick is free of cost, some of them take charges as artist’s right. So, you are suggested to check out the contents whether free or not before attempting to download. Another drawback about the site is that it has been blocked in many countries by Department of Telecommunications. If you are seeing any sort of blockade, try using a VPN server. Visit SoundClick Here.


Summing Up

I am trying to keep the list short and reliable. So, these are the Best free music download sites in 2017 you can trust on. Irrespective of the device or OS platform you use, these Free mp3 download sites will fulfill every need of yours. If you have any website name in mind that should be placed on the list here, do let me know.

Best Free Music Download Sites [Legal] – Android iOS Mac & PC in 2017
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