As a smoker, you can leave smoking if you decide but you will right back to smoking within a few days. And if that is your problem too then I might be able to help you today. Today I am going to talk about 10 best Apps that will help you quit smoking or in other words best quit smoking app list here. You are spending a lot of money on smoking and don’t forget that you will be suffering later in life with breathing, heart, lungs problems and much more for which you will need to spend more money. So maybe it’s time you quit this bad habit for good.

People get addicted to wrong things really quick compared to new good habit. It takes more than 21 days to get accustomed to a new habit but when you come in contact with a bad habit of Smoking, you can get addicted as soon as within 21hours. We also added Apps to learn Japanese, you may like to see it if you were looking for online ways to learn the Japanese language.

Best Quit Smoking Apps 2018

And in this modern world, people get addicted to smoking while they don’t even know about it. Smoking has turned into more of a trend now as people start smoking to look cool and end up smoking it on a daily basis. And late in life, they get so addicted that it gets really hard to quit it. Nicotine in cigarettes is what causes the addiction in first place. So without further delay let me take you through the list of the 10 apps that will help you to quit smoking right now. You can also read How to See Deleted WhatsApp Message After 7 Minutes? Check Deleted Chat.

10 Best Quit Smoking Apps to help you Quit SMOKING:

1. Smotivator:

This is a great app to track your money that you are spending on smoking. Well at times when you smoke you won’t count the money and won’t impact your mind as how much money you are really spending. But this app helps you to remind how much money you are actually spending. The app also comes with the feature of reminding and keeps you motivated with the detailed amount of time since you last smoked.quit smoking app

2. My QuitBuddy:

My Quit Buddy takes a step ahead towards showing how much money you have saved since you have quit smoking, plus you will also be able to see the detail amount of tar that your body has cleared out so far. Not just that to keep you motivated, you will also be able to see a graph of how much your body has been cleared out of the bad effects through a body scan in to quit smoke

3. No More:

No more is a fancy app that has been developed to help anyone to stop smoking. With No More, you will be able to keep yourself motivated towards your no smoking goals. The app provides your progress through every single day and how far you have made towards keeping yourself healthy and safe from diseases related to quit smoking app 2018

4. Brilliant Quotes & Quotations:

Why don’t you just kill your hunger for smoking with brilliant quotes that you can read daily? Put smoking to a shame and even inspire your friends or any of your family member to help them leave smoking for smoking app

5. Motivational Wallpaper for Leave Smoking:

Next on this list of apps is the app that will strike you to leave smoking every time you use your phone. Well, this is an app that has a lot of motivational and quoted wallpaper that you can set as you own a smartphone, desktop, tablet wallpaper and more. Watch these wallpaper help you leave smoking and you keep reading new quotes that will inspire you to leave smoking in no time at all.motivation for leaving smoke

6. Rewire your Smoking Addiction:

Rewire your brain into thinking that smoking is something that you should never do. Yes, smoking is really addictive but with this app, you will be able to control your brain and rewire it within a few days to start your quitting process. Moreover that, with the daily progress you will also be inspired more to get into trying new habits.

7. SmokeAware:

This is an excellent app that will help you quit smoking within 21 days for sure. As I have already said before you will need to 21 days to get accustomed to a new habit and this is where this app concentrates to help you quit smoking for good. You will get all the details about how much money you have saved, how much healthier you got so far from not smoking as well as how many days you are going to live longer. This is really an excellent app that you can try for yourself if you really want to stop smoking for good this 2018.apps to leave cigarette

8. CALM:

Calm your smoking desire with this app. This app allows you to control your desire towards smoking every day. The app warns you every time you want to smoke but reading your desired time of smoking. Simply train the app about the time when you tend to smoke and this app will train you back to stop smoking.quit cigarette

9. 7 Minute Smoking Workout:

Well, this app is similar to Calm but in place of warning you not to smoke it will simply provide you with a task like exercising to stop you from smoking. Really a handy app that doesn’t only stop you from smoking but also starts off your getting healthy routine.without smoke

10. JUST DO IT Soundboard:

This is an entertaining app that will help you to stop smoking for sure. Entertain yourself and divert your brain when you start thinking about smoking is the best way to quit smoking and this app does it perfectly. This comes with all the feature that will make you leaving cigarettes. Just Do It Soundboard app is free to download in your Android device get now to leave smoke addiction.quit cigarette app

Final Verdict:

So, these are all about 10 apps that help you quit smoke or Best Quit Smoking Apps. However, it depends on your self-control as well as, just downloading the app cigarette quitting apps wouldn’t help. You need to follow the given instruction and keep yourself motivated by positive things. Also, try to spend a good time the things you like, which also great help in this scene.

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Top 10 Apps That Will Help You Quit Smoke – Best Quit Smoking Apps List
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