Games are the best companion on our day to day life; there are more than millions of people across the globe who just playing games. There are different types of games which we can play from. The most popular genre of games in these days is the Best RTS Games for Android 2018 or strategic games. There are different types of strategic games which are there in the market but choosing the best one can be a tough one. Now the question is which are the best ones?best rts games for Android 2018


To solve the answer here we will list out the Best RTS Games for Android or you can say some of the best gaming Apps for Android which are all-time best. These are best in the class and make sure you choose them properly. There are thousands of people who are in this use of these games and believe me they have given positive reviews on these games. Now let’s have a check on those games so that we can choose the best from all.

Best RTS Games for Android 2018 Free: Download & Play Now!

Here we will be discussing the Best RTS games for Android Smartphone & tablet. Here we have only mentioned the top of the RTS games so it would be better if you choose among those.

Total War Battles Kingdom:

There are many who are too addicted to playing strategic games and to elevate the gameplay they play Clash of Royal. But what next we all look for something new and to play that there is a new game on the market which is total war battle kingdom. real time strategy game for AndroidThis game is what a truly real-time strategic game 2018 player needs. Here the graphical display and the wars are not that big as compared to that of any other games. This game can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free of cost and yes, there is also in-App purchase for accelerating your gaming strategy.

Tropical Stormfront:

This is a unique gameplay which we can try out. Here the battles are not only limited to land you can even attack air land or even on water. This is a soldier strategic game and many have liked this and have given positive feedback on it. best rts game for AndroidEverything on this game is organized in a proper and smooth way so that it can give you a smooth gameplay. There is a multiplayer option too which can help you to throttle your gameplay. The graphical quality of this game is even quite good as compared to the clash of clans.


This game is a combination of two game patterns one is strategic and the other is civilization type of games. The game is very well known and many are just in love of this game. There are many people who love to play and why not the game has loaded itself with all the amenities to keep you entertained. strategy game for smartphoneHere you get the option to choose your desired nation through the options are only eight but you can choose and initiate your gameplay. The graphics used in this game is a well standard one so it will be great to play the game.


Machines at War 3:

If you are looking for the Best RTS Games then this is what you can go for. There are millions of people who are in use of this game and all are well satisfied with the game. The modern look and the best in the graphics make this game the best of all in the section. rts games for AndroidHere you have to use a great strategy to ensure you plan the best of the game. The game is on a missing case of a scientist so here you have to use your strategies to find out the scientist. The better your strategies are best you can play the game on and find the scientist. The game is really very exciting and we recommend you to try the game.


Clash Of Clans:

This is probably the best free RTS Game for Android that is available nowadays. Well, the gameplay is quite like that of Age of Empires and Warcraft III and it’s quite easy to play this game too.

real time strategy game

You just need to strengthen your base, make troops and few other things. The reason for which this game has gained popularity is that the game can be played in groups and a group can consist up to a maximum of 50 players. The main resource of this game is Gold, Dark Elixir, and Elixir. This is the most trending RTS game for Android right now.

Wrapping Up: Download Best Real-Time Strategy Game 2018

These are the Best RTS Games for Android 2018 which you can try easily. There are millions of people who are in extensive use of these games. Now it is up to you how you want to play the game and which one you will choose. All the games are very good so choose depending on your need. All the games have different types and unique strategies so it will be fun trying the games. Or if you want to play platform based games then check out similar games like Geometry Dash.

Hope that the provided information will be of help to you.

Top 5 Best RTS Games for Android 2018 Free: Download & Play!
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