Top 5 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android Users!

Slow Motion Video is common on flagship Android devices and on iOS devices. But this feature is rare for budget and mid-range Android device. Thanks to the Android app eco-system that brings a lot of Slow motion video apps for Android 2018 users. Here we will know the best slow motion camera apps that make your regular video dramatically slow motion video apps for Android 2018

At present Smartphones is giving tough challenges by even competing with the DSLRs. Now a day many mobile companies use the most advanced technology while manufacturing Smartphones. And it is getting evolved age after age and it brings lots of interesting features in the Smartphones. People love to make slow motion video and it is getting trendy in today’s world. Now slow motion video creator app is available to download on your Android device. And here we will share information with you about Top 5 Slow Motion Video Apps free for Android.

Top 5 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android 2018

Slow Motion video looks very unique and the beauty of it is not enough to describe in words. By using your creative imagination you can make an awesome video on your Android device. There is no need to buy or own DSLR to make a video in slow motion, slow motion video creator apps have covered it for you. Read until the end.

1: Slow Motion Video FX

slo-mo app for Android

Are you looking for a video app that is specially developed to create Slow Motion video? If it is then, Slow Motion Video FX App is a right choice for your Android devices. Create a slow-motion video or just magic fast motion video in your own style. Share the video made by the Slow Motion Video app, by uploading it to your YouTube Account channel or Instagram account. Record your voice and set the sound in slow motion and entertain your friends and earn over 100 likes! Change the sound pitch of your voice and make it sounds like that of a mouse. Apart from that you can record the sounds of the falling objects or make it fall in a slow motion video app and lots more.

2: Video Slow Reverse Player

slow video recorder app

Video Slow Reverse Player is one of the best slow motion video apps for Android free. By using it, save one of your most favorite clip parts of any video you wish to. Slow down video playback options and speed up the video playback options. Just zoom the video or drag the video playback in real-time. Also, play any video using this app as it supports any video format. It is among the few video player that has the features of slow fast and reverse motion. And the most incredible feature of this application is that it has to control video playback speed options with crystal clear audio. It is designed with user-friendly interface and is simple with easy control functions.

3: Slow Motion Frame Video Player

Slow motion app for Android

Among the list of slow-motion camera apps, Slow Motion Frame Video Player is a free app. It allows you to make videos and record it in slow motion including the voice. And this app is most probably among the best slow motion video creator available on the internet. This app support to play any video formats be it HD or SD videos. It comes with many excellent features and that includes control video frame rate, audio pitch. And not only that, you can apply color effects or B/W effect on the recorded slow motion video. Slow Motion Frame Video Player consumes very less CPU power by using the advanced media hardware acceleration.  It is designed with the easy user interface and you can easily search or share the videos.

4: Videoshop

slow video app 2018

Videoshop is a video editor app and it brings lots of exciting features along with it. Add amazing music, your own voice or sound effects of your choice. Also, you can easily cut or copy or paste the video and add two videos together. Either you can create slow motion video or fast motion video it is totally up to you. Select music of your choice in the video and adjust the brightness color and several fronts. Select the transitions from 10 to animate between the video clips and choose the filters. Create slideshow videos or resize and maintain the video resolution. It has all the excellent features that you seek in any slow motion video maker app for Android phone.

5: Fast and Slow Motion Video Tool

slow motion video app

Fast and Slow Motion Video app allows you take the control of the speed of the video. Either speed up the video or slow down the video and you can playback the video in slow motion. Accelerate the video in slow motion and set the speed in between 1X to 8X from the original speed. Convert the slow or fast motion video in any format you want on your Android device. Share the created videos on any social network such as Facebook, Email, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Final Words: Get Your Best Slow Motion Camera App for Android

Here in this we have gathered and shared all the necessary information with you about Top 5 Slow Motion Video Apps for Android 2018. Note, all the apps that are mentioned-above are available to download for free on Google Play Store. And there is no need to make any payment for using these slow-motion apps. Each of these slow or fast motion video creators comes up with excellent features. We suggest you choose any of this listed Slow Motion camera App for Android device right away. It is time to create amazing slow and fast motion videos without any delay in time.

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