5 Best Tumblr Alternatives Apps for Android/iOS Free [Similar Apps Like Tumblr]

Tumblr is the survival app for Yahoo and no doubt its being doing great as of now. Having options is a great thing, rather than having just one. There are a lot of best Tumblr alternatives apps that you can use to explore more things like on Tumblr. So, if you want to have more apps like Tumblr then here is all about apps that can be used on your iOS and Android device.

Tumblr is owned by Yahoo, which is by far popular app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS platforms. This medium allows users to communicate you same interest people around the world. Everything is free here to share your thoughts with pictures, videos, post, and URL but as said: “Nothing is Perfect.” You might love to have more Tumblr similar apps on your Smartphone.top best tumblr alternatives

To match most of your requirement that offers same and more feature like Tumblr check out the given list in below. Hope, this should serve you as the best Tumblr alternatives 2018

5 Best Tumblr Alternatives 2018 [Similar Apps like Tumblr]

Well, here is top 5 apps similar to Tumblr 2018 that you can try out if you feel to have more apps like Tumblr.


Well, if you haven’t used this app yet then you might try Pinterest. This app is also same as Tumblr where you can share your thoughts by sharing pictures, articles, URL. Basically, this very good platform where you can pin out all your favorite post on your dashboard. And yes, you can manage as many as you make your collection, where you can post your own photos or pin someone collection as well. According to your preference, you can even follow collections, a genre, person and what are you interest for to make your homepage convenient to you.

Apps like tumblr 2018

The Pinterest app also free to download like Tumblr and supports on both OS as Android and iOS.


A lot of apps are there to entertain our smartphone usage experience; among them, StumbleUpon is one of the best Tumblr alternatives 2018. This app brings your all favorite things discovering your interest. Here you can choose the type of interest that you want to see, which create a perfect combination of the enetertainment post, videos, pictures, quotes, news and much more. You can also follow your friends and get a suggestion to connect with the same interested people. If you like Tumblr app then I am sure you would like this app as well.best Tumblr alternatives 2018

Being a best Tumblr app alternative, this also featured free in App Store and Google Play Store. So, download this similar app like Tumbler 2018 on your Android and iOS device right now.


Flicker also can be termed as an alternative to Tumblr or can be used as the best option for it. You get 1TB of storage to store your photos and videos, which you can share with selected persons and publicly as you like. Flicker is a big name for storing data especially photos with 1000GB absolutely for free of cost. So, if you facing a shortage of internal storage on your device then this Tumblr similar app should help you a lot to store your data. tumblr alternatives 2018

Like Tumblr, this app also free to download on a device like Android and iOS. You can download it from its respective app store. So, get it now on your device and take the same or more feature in this app.


LinkedIn creates a great opportunity to communicate all around professional people. In this way, you can easily discover people from any corner of the world that actually matters to you. The good about this platform is that you can add your specialty in your profile or this makes easier to find others you and the person you want to connect. LinkedIn is a professional way to reach people that you may like. Despite this, you can share the job-related post, post or other things regarding your project.alternatives to tumbler

Again this best alternative to Tumblr app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. So, you can download easily from its respective app store, which is also for free of cost.


VK also a great social networking app that comes with the same feature like Tumblr. This app unites millions of people in just one place and gets you the opportunity to connect with people all around the world. Like Tumblr, you can share photos, post, news etc. in VK app. Also, you can send a personal message, create your own stories, live stream, listen to music and watch videos. similar apps like tumblr

You can easily download this app from Android and iOS respective app store and you don’t have to pay to download the app or no further charges after download.

Wrapping Up: Get Your Desired Tumblr Like Apps

Hope you have found this list helpful to find the best Tumblr alternatives 2018. You might have noticed all of these apps like Tumblr are free to download on both Android and iOS devices. So, without any hesitation, any of the alternatives to Tumblr apps can be downloaded on your device. Just look what feature you needed in the similar app to Tumblr. Let me know if you know more apps name that also good as the alternative to this app and I will be happy to try them out. Also, regarding this post, you may like to know Instagram stalkers with our guided tips and apps.

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