Best Video Editing Apps for Android 2018 | Best Available Right Now In The Market

In this topic, we will show you some of the best video editing apps for Android to try free. You will not find huge features like PC app in Android ones. However, yes all the basic and needful tools will be available in every app to satisfying your need.

Nowadays it became most popular to shoot videos with smartphone cameras. As the technology goes higher so the smartphone cameras become more up to date and give you the best clarity as well. After recording the videos, the most important task is to record the video correctly. Like a computer, you can also get many video editing apps for an Android Smartphone as well. best video editing apps for Android

Simply you need to shoot the videos with your phone and instantly open the recorded videos with this app to edit it in your own way. There are many video editing apps available on Google Play for Android. May some of you have confusion in your mind that which one will be the best option for you to choose? Depending on this condition, we are listing the top 5 best video editing apps for Android to choose at first.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android 2018 | The Best Available Right Now In The Market

We know that you are waiting for a long time to get know about the video editing apps for Android. Now, we are not going to make more delay. So let us start to know about the features with basic details of top video editing apps from the list below.

1. Adobe Premiere Clip:

As all of you know about the Adobe, which is a big brand in terms of their professional apps. Similarly, Adobe has developed their free video editing app where you can auto-generate videos using your images. You can use the tools to edit your videos manually with more features. There is a facility to synchronize your work in Adobe Creative cloud to save your space too. Add your own music in the background of videos using this app video editor for android

2. Funimate Video Editor and Effects:

Funimate is a very popular Android video editing app but it is not much stronger like other ones. It helps you make pleasant videos with basic effects and other editing tools. However, it does not carry many powerful effects to modify your default one.  It also comes with video filter and thus it makes your work easier in many cases. Directly after editing the video you can share it on any social network in an ease. So download this app free from Google Play now.Android video editing apps

3. FilmoraGo- Free Video Editor:

Similarly, like other apps, the FilmoraGo is also a free good video editor app for Android. The basic editing stuff like cut, trim, renders, square videos and many more tools are available in this app. It also gives you slow motions video transition effects, music, give overlays, etc. in-app-purchase allow you to get more features in fact for more reliability in all needs. This app comes with one unique facility to play your video in reverse mode as editing software

4. Moviemaker Filmmaker:

From the name of this app, you can trace that this is one of the best video editor and maker as well. In this app you can also trim, crop, record video content and much more as well. A variety of video effects you can get with own custom features that are amazing and powerful too. It has redesigned many times to give more reliability and efficiency. Thus, today it has become a more successful app, which is completely free from ads. Between all the apps we mostly recommend you to download this on your phone once.Top video editor for Android 2018

5. Power Director:

Power Director is listed on the list of editor apps, which offers you more features including quick editing tools as well. The overall interface of this app is quite friendly to operate and work with any Android users. Those who want to regularly edit the videos on their phone will get more benefits for all needs. As this app is completely free to download from Google Play so anybody can use this app in any Android easily. Moreover, add up to 50 numbers of photos in your video and make a new video with editor for Android 2018

Top Video Editor for Android 2018 – Free Download

So finally, we want to tell you that if any one of you needs the same app i.e. video editor for your Smartphone then choose anyone from the best video editing apps for Android 2018 list. Besides the above-discussed app, there are many editing apps available in Google Play for free. If you think, you can also choose others to satisfy your need.  Hope this topic about the best video editing app for Android is helpful for you all. Now feel free to download any one of the above apps from the Android store as we recommend you the best apps from all.

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