Best Voice Recording Apps for Android 2018 [Our Top 5 Pick for Useful Audio Recorder]

Best voice recording apps for Android 2018 are available to download here as I think, this is one of the most saturated categories in Google Play Store. And this is why we picked up some of our favourite best voice recorder for Android devices. It is handy when it comes to taking voice note on the go.  In this article, we bring you the top 5 audio recording Apps for Android smartphones. As there are numerous Voice Recording App in current Google Play store to download. We also posted the best video editing apps for Android users, which you may like having an Android device. Keep on reading this article till the last line, I hope this is going help you in many voice recording apps for android 2018

We have chosen the best one for you after using all those personally. Now we will give you a brief idea about those 5 best audio recorders for Android devices in details about its features, pros and cons and license versions. Read all of them and compare and then download the best one according to your requirement.

5 Best Voice Recording Apps for Android 2018 [Our Top Audio Recorder Pick]

Android Voice Recording apps allow a user to record audio with there device. Voice Recording App is useful for plenty of reasons. It helps the reporter to record an interview, musicians to record a new song while composing. Even to record important lecture which someone needs to listen again afterwards. Android user loves this app for many reasons. We all know voice record feature is an old one for a long time, but now with Android, many new features are added to it and the quality is improved a lot from earlier. Isn’t it awesome?

Audio Recorder:

Audio Recorder App is one of the best Voice Recording Apps for Android devices. You will find this app for free in Google app market for download. Audio Recorder is an easy user-friendly app, a user is able to record staff, save, upload and share it on other social platform or App. audio recorder for androidThis app starts recording voice with just one click, even you can pause the recording if required and then again start from a record in the same file. Play button enables a user to check the recording which is located on the same screen. Microphone support is also available, overall we find this app is a great one for voice recording.

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Automatic Call Recorder:

Automatic Call Recording is one of the most popular Voice Recording apps for Android that you can get in the Google Play Store. It allows user mainly to call record an incoming and outgoing call. Top features of Auto Call Recorder for Android includes call recording, playback options, white and black list etc. Android auto voice recorder is available in both free and pro version. Advertising is included In the free version while the pro version is free from advertising.  automatic call recorder for AndroidThis App is also a one-click easy recording app, which is able to record voice, save it on mobile memory and even upload or share to other devices or application. It supports a microphone, a voice call, and even video calls. So we strongly recommend you to download this App for Voice Recording.

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Titanium Recorder:

Titanium recorder is another free Android voice recording app. This app is completely free and the best part is not having any ads, to satisfy the users. HD audio recording is possible using 8-bit and 16- bit configuration. The MP3/ACC/3GP format is available to store the recording and save some memory. The interface is simple and user-friendly which also includes a file manager with many options for editing and sharing.

voice recording app for Android

Background recording is the new feature included in Titanium Recoding App which use to do it job in the background and also doesn’t stop the normal use of user device. Overall this App is a great one for voice recording purpose on any Android phone.

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Smart Voice Recording:

Smart Voice Recording App was mainly developed for longer recordings and this is why we brought it in the list of best voice recording apps for Android users. So users looking for longer recording can download this app. In this app, the developer introduced a feature named silence removal which automatically detect a period of silence and once it detects then it erases it automatically.Smart voice recorder for AndroidThis App also keeps doing its job in the background with its display off. The user interface is simple and easy to use and also the design is one of the best modern design.

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RecForge II:

RecForge II is one of the most powerful apps for voice recording with a lot of features in it. This app is for longer recordings including features like pitch control, gain control etc. A user can easily record lectures, music, media interviews, etc which comes under longer recording. This app includes features like sound editor which helps a user to edit the sound clip after recording. best audio recorder for Android 2018Live recording can be easily monitored with a headset, even one can schedule a recording. This app also includes an option for skipping silence means the app will detect the silence part and will erase that portion which will save device memory.  This App is free to use with few limitations for the free version. If a user wants to buy the RecForge Pro version it is also available in Google Play store.

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Hope now you will have a brief idea about the best voice recording apps for Android. Now you have to just choose any one of them and download it from our given link as given above. Hope your search for best audio recording apps for Android ends here. And we also think this article is helpful to know about the voice recording app. Please give us feedback after using the App of your choice if you like or dislike it.

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