Best Ways to Get Genuine Followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ in 2018

Social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ is now the best platform for marketing. Millions of people daily visit these sites and so there is a huge possibility of advertising your product or service. Those who are celebrities without any effort they acquire thousands of followers on social platforms. But those who are marketers they will not automatically be gifted by followers on this social network. You have to earn it. There are some strategies which you need to follow to increase followers on the social network platform. To know about the best ways to get genuine followers you have to stay till to conclusion of this post.Ways to Get Followers on Facebook

It is not a task of overnight you have to wait for few days or a month. On following rules step by step, you will notice that day by day number of followers increases. Every social network uses different approaches so spread profile or page worldwide. See ⇒ another best tips for setting WhatsApp DP without crop, which you must know.

Followers are not calculated by numbers, monetization fully depends on the quantity of genuine social followers. Some might give you an idea to buy followers but it is not at all a good investment as maximum are not buyers. So forget about buying followers and follow the below few golden rules to increase genuine followers on social platforms.

Best Ways to Get Genuine Followers:

All the rules that here I am going to list has many proven results. Many online marketers have to get benefits by following these rules.  You need to follow all the methods, if you have missed a single one you will be less benefit.

1. Remain to connect with you relevant account

If you don’t follow anybody you will not any followers. The whole online marketing is a chain marketing system. Whatever types of business or product you are looking to advertise, there are many relevant accounts, groups, communities, and page to your business.

follow on genuine persons

So you first need to follow some top relevant accounts which are active. Following a relevant active account, you will get a base where you can interact with many people which gradually increase followers to your page too. Search for some popular groups and communities and contribute as much as possible. If your contribution seems valuable then your page or account will flourish by followers.

2. Maintain Well Social Profile

Those who are going to follow you they first look deeply your account and check for worthy contents. Whenever you are looking to have more followers you need to develop a complete profile. You have to make your social appearance crystal clear. Some tries with a fake account but those will not work. You have to give your full details as bio, the link to other social appearance and website. A good image with a perfect cover photo also can gain social faith for you. Update your contents or share contents frequently.

share useful stuff

Contents need to unique with details information.  You need to maintain a calendar for the post which you have to follow. As followers need to know more from you so you have to keep it updated. People on the social network are smart enough if they any irrelevant post or no post, they will never visit your account or simply Unfollow you. This rule is same for all social platform and they use a different algorithm for the same. Finally, you to have more genuine followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google + you have to do frequently updating.

3. Sharing

To prove that you are active member shares other contents. Not just sharing contents you have to give valuable comment on every share or like. If your share and comment seem genuine to others then today or tomorrow visitors will land on your account.

sharing to gain followers

Always focus on every popular social platform where you have an account. Always share the post and remain engaged in all to gain faith and to have genuine followers.

4. Subscribers

If you have subscription option on your site the always include your all your social links in the newsletter. Appeal your subscribers to join or follow your account. If your content seems useful then visitors normally search your account on all social platforms. So it is good to provide your all social appearance link directly to the newsletter.get followers

5. Interview

This rule is advanced and according to this rule, simple gigs and interview can drive more followers. So try to attend meetups or meeting and also try to approach some popular personality for an interview.

interview for followers

A small video of your meetups or an interview will put extra spices on your social profile. If you can motivate your followers by a video interview with some well-renowned person then surely you will be benefited by lots of followers.

6. Hashtags

Hashtags are another way to get genuine followers on the social platform. When you use hashtags, people whom you follow will appear on it.

Use hashtags

There are some apps to find best hashtags as Focalmark and chrome extension like Ritetag.  Both of them will help you in generating proper hashtags which fully based on topic or a theme that you are now looking for.

Wrapping Up:

There are some more rules to get genuine followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ as Campaign, Partnership, business showcase page, Content about the latest and relevant trends, Facebook paid advertising, etc.


The rules or methods that I have listed above are major and everyone needs to follow these. All those ways are discovered, if you have discovered a new one then share with us. All the ways to gain genuine followers those I have shared here in this content are 100% tested and all together can increase your followers.

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