8 Best Writing Apps for Android 2019 | Organize All On The Go!!

There are some peoples who always like writing and for them, I have listed 8 best writing apps for Android 2019. Sometimes it is not possible to maintain all the notebooks and copies everywhere. If you think that you will type in Laptop or PC then also it will become tough to carry a laptop every where. So this topic will help you to know about top 8 writing apps for Android which will definitely help you in every way.

As you can easily carry your Android smartphones everywhere then it will become easy to use any one of that 8 writing app on your phone. Now you can think that which will be the best app for writing on your Android phone. Then no need to think more because in this topic we will discuss the best apps which you can easily download on your phone.best writing apps for Android

The final decision is all about yours because if you think any of these 8 best writing apps for Android is best for you then go for that only. As we recommend that all the 8 apps you must try to check that which one suits you. Besides the name of these apps, we will discuss the various features which you get from these apps. Also, we will provide you the download link from which you can download any app easily.

List of 8 best writing apps for Android 2019

As you need some of the best portable writing applications for your daily life then here you will find the list of all together. So let’s start to read about every app given below and get know about them more clearly.

1.     Evernote:

Evernote is a very good Android app through which you can easily write your text and save it on your phone. This app is comfortable for Businessman, students, officials etc. Those who are creative writers they also can use it efficiently. You can create voice reminders and to do list and save it for later use.Writing apps for Android

2.      JotterPad:

JotterPad is an Android App which is used to make your work efficient and much easier. This app provides many creative features for your creative writings. The user interface which you get from this app will give you a best, quick writing experience with clear text.apps for writing

3.     Google Docs:

Google Docs is an official app from the Google.inc which is used for writing purpose and can be dubbed as one of the best writing apps for Android 2017. Sometimes this app comes with preloaded in your Android smartphones. Otherwise, you can easily download it from Google Play. Type your writings and save it in form of Docx format easily.Note apps for Android 2017

4.     iA Writer:

The iA Writer is a typing app with various text editing options. You can change the font styles, size etc. through this app. If you type any word which is spelled incorrectly then the app automatically detects and underline that miss spelled the word. Besides these, you can also get word count feature with night mode inside it.writing apps for Android 2017

5.     INKredible:

This is a writing and typing app which you can use with your virtual keyboard, with finger or stylus. By default, you can get various notebooks in it to start writing. Get various color and text adjustments through it for your texts. Like Google Docs, you can autosave the file in few minutes.note writing apps 2017

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6.     Writer Plus:

Another great app for creating notes and writing is Writer Plus. This app provides you with various options to increase and decrease your font size and styles at all. Rather than that, you can avail various formatting options with adding quotes and night mode view in it. Get this best writing app for Android, which is free to download from Google Play Store.note app

7.     Microsoft Word:

As all of you know that MS Word is one of the best apps for writing and saving contents in PC as well as in phones. It provides us with lots of options to edit our text and add pictures and all in our content. A series of predefined templates are found in this app which makes our work more easier than ever.note apps for Android

8.     Color Note:

Color Note is a simple note app for those who want to instantly type and save short notes in their phone. If you install this app on your phone then you will get all the best features like colorful notes with various texts to be created on your phone.color writing app for Android

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Besides this writing app for Android, you can get many other similar apps from the Google Play or from other sites. But these best writing apps for Android 2017 apps are very much useful for those who want the really creative type of writing. Using these apps will save your time and you can access this notes from anywhere. As these apps will get installed on your phone so you can carry them everywhere you want. There will be no load or tension of carrying laptops and other notebooks copies if you visit anywhere. So try to install these apps on your phone and avail the feature provides by those apps for you all.

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