After purchasing a product, warranty and repair coverage is a big thing for the customer. Apple is a leading brand which manufactures the premium smartphone i.e., iPhone XS. Sometimes Apple provides you the default warranty or sometimes you will get some extended period also according to terms and conditions. Now coming to the main point, some of you have ideas about the process to check the warranty status in online. However, many other users are there who do not care about to check the official warranty and repairing status.  Here you can know about the process how to check iPhone’s official warranty and repair coverage status.

When you are going to purchase a new Apple dual sim product, you will get a one-year official warranty by default. The warranty and the repair coverage only limits up to an extent only. Official warranty and the repair cover only hardware and software related issues. It does not accidental or physical damage like display crack, liquid damage like water damage. Generally, the failure of hardware is not much common for iPhone but sometimes you can face some minor software related issues due to updates. Therefore, you need not get worried about to check your brand new iPhone’s official warranty and repair covering status.

Steps by Step process – How to check iPhone’s official warranty and repair coverage status?

To check your iPhone’s warranty status, you need not visit any store or making calls through IVR no. You simply go through the systematic steps given below and know whether your apple product is register to the company website or not and how much warranty period left for your device now.

  1. Step 1: At first connect your PC or mobile device with the internet and then open the Web browser, which is already installed in your device as usual.
  2. Step 2: In the web browser, type or click on this link to visit the warranty check-in page directly. (sometimes you need to choose the country or region to access the page correctly)
  • Step 3: Now the landing page will open where you need to insert some of your device-related information to proceed to the next step. At first, the user needs to insert the serial number of your iPhone X. If you do not know the serial number, then Apple will help you to find it on your device. [To get the serial number of your iPhone, unlock your device first and open the Settings menu. Now scroll down and choose General option and then tap on the About. Here you will find out the full information including a Serial number (combination of alphanumeric) after scrolling down below.]
  1. Step 4: After inserting the Serial Number, you need to insert the Captcha code or Security code to proceed further.
  2. Step 5: When you will insert both the requirements in the required field, now you need to click on the Continue button to navigate to the next page.
  3. Step 6: Wait for the moment such that the Warranty detail page will get load and it will display the whole warranty status as well as the repair status of your iPhone. In the displayed information, you will get the purchase date, technical support detail, and repair service coverage expiry as well.

Valid Purchase Date: According to the Apple record, you will get know about the date when you have purchased from the retailer.

Telephone Technical Support: Officially, Apple provides you the 3 months or 90 days of telephone technical support to every user. If this time has exceeded then it will show that the telephone technical support has been expired.

Repair and Service Coverage: If you are under warranty, then the time to get expire will show accordingly. On the other hand, it will show that the Warranty has been expired.

Final Words:

Finally, we want to tell you that these are all the process about how to check the status of iPhone Official warranty and repair coverage status. This process is also applicable for the owners of iPad, iPod as well. If you follow the above steps systematically then within a few moments the whole detail of the warranty and support status will be displayed in form of every user. One more thing we want to inform you that there are many fake Apple products is now available in the market from the different source. So be aware that you are purchasing the original products from the authorized stores only.

How To Check iPhone’s Official Warranty And Repair Coverage Status?
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