How To Clear Search History On Instagram – Within 30 Seconds

Instagram is growing as one of the biggest media sharing platforms today. As there are lots of celebrities, public figure, photographers joining the platform sharing their awesome work. So most of the time you will find your self-searching for some good photos or videos on Instagram from other profiles. Instagram notes down all the search terms that you use to search for your desired photos or videos or view others account from the platform, so that when you search for the next time then you will not need to type the whole thing again. But this features also reveals all your privacy, as if anyone opens your Private Instagram account will easily know what you were searching for and what are your search terms. As Instagram reveals the search term by just clicking on the search bar.

clear search history

So if you are using Instagram professionally then it is necessary for you to secure the search term that you use to search any profile or hashtags. As there are no features to secure the search terms, so the only way left is clear search history in Instagram. Once you clear your search history, Instagram will stop showing you all the search terms that you have used in the past days. You can clear history often and there are no limits of clearing history.

Steps to Clear search history on Instagram:

Most of you may not know the steps that you need to follow to clear search history on Instagram, so here we have given the step by step guide briefly so that you don’t have any issue doing it.

1. First of all, open your Instagram app and then click on the right corner at the bottom to access your profile page.


2, After you are there, click on the Menu button in the top right corner of the screen to get to the settings of your Instagram account.

settings option

3. Scroll below and you will get an option “Search History”, so simply click on the option.

search history

4. Now you will see another option “Clear Search History” click on the option. Then the platform you will ask permission to clear the search history.

clear all the search history

5. Simply click on the “Yes, I’m Sure” button and all the search history will get cleared from your Instagram account.

get the history cleared

This is all you need to do to clear the search history on your Instagram account. After doing all these steps, to cross check if your search history is removed or not, click on the search bar and see if there is any suggestion. If there are still some suggestions, then the search history is not yet clear, or if it is not showing any suggestions then the history is been cleared.

How to Hide individual accounts on Insta:

If you don’t want to clear the hashtags from your search history, as some time it is very hard to remember and want to remove only the individual accounts from the history, then you can also hide the individual accounts. So once you hide any personal account it will not show you the account in the search suggestion. So let’s have a look at the steps for how to hide individual account on Instagram.

  • Again launch the Instagram app on your mobile phone.
  • If you are not logged in, then login to your Instagram account.
  •  Now go to the search section of the Instagram app and then tap on the search bar. You will see lots of suggestion including peoples and hashtags.
  • So on top, you will also see different categories, so simply click on the People category.

People category

  • Here you will find all the people that you have searched for ones.
  • So long press on the account that you want to hide. It will show you a pop-up notification, so simply click on the “Yes” button and the account will be hidden from the search history of your Instagram account.

hide individual account

These are the ways you can hide any individuals account from your Instagram search history. The steps are very simple and easy, you can do this process on the go, but make sure you unhide it later on when there is no need to hide the account anymore.

So these are all the methods to hide or how to clear Instagram search history, as we have already mentioned the process is very simple and you can do it on the go. So if you want to hide anytime your search history then simply follow this method for how to clear search history on Instagram. The methods are very safe and will not harm your profile in any way, as the methods are given default by the Instagram. Share your thoughts on the methods that we have shared for you in this article.

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