It seems Facebook is working for a native dating app. Some reports have confirmed this is coming in near future. Facebook, which has already announced for the interest in developing a dating app during their F8 conference in May. They never stop trying new features in their app and Facebook app receive update almost every day to make it user-friendly and better.

Facebook is a dominating king in social media platform and this social giant own some of the most popular apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. Being the parent company of Instagram and WhatsApp, it also is adding features to both of these apps. WhatsApp and Instagram receiving new features in the next updates, whereas WhatsApp already has received a big update of WhatsApp group call. Now instead of two people, users can add multiple participants in a video call. This anticipated feature is not public yet but it is featured in the beta program. On the other hand, Instagram also getting UI change after so long, in a new beta version Direct Message menu swapped to the profile menu to make DM quicker access.facebook dating app

But new update in Facebook platform might catch most of the Facebook users. Now they will be adding a dating feature in the app. To know all about this rumor, let us dig into more information about it.

Recent Facebook New Changes | Dating App

It’s been so long Instagram didn’t change their interface, but now they may change a slight user interface. In the new Instagram, they have swapped the messaging icon with the profile menu. So, now you may see in a new interface in the upcoming Instagram update. But you can try it now by downloading the latest Instagram beta app. A beta version of this app will let you accessing to the latest features or testing feature earlier than the public version.

This new swapped menu was found in the beta version and time may tell us, whether this new change will be coming to the version or not. But if you try it now then you can download it now and try out the new UI experience in the Instagram beta.

As a part of the update, WhatsApp iOS already received a PiP feature. However, this feature still not live in for the Android users. After two months of wait, good news for the Android WhatsApp users. A new report says WhatsApp working for WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture for the Android app facebook

Well, this much-anticipated feature may come very soon with WhatsApp beta version 2.18.234. After this come to live in the public version WhatsApp, this feature will let the users to watch YouTube video or any video link in WhatsApp. For now, streaming YouTube video link is not possible in the WhatsApp app or link will redirect you to YouTube app or take you to the integrated browser.

Facebook also working for Time-Management tool for Facebook and Instagram. This new tool is developed based on inspiration and collaboration with leading organization, health experts, feedback from the Facebook community, academic, and with their own extensive research. Tying to make their Instagram and Facebook app for a positive, intentional and inspiring, they have made it more control over the usage time.

Facebook Dating App is Confirmed!

With these certain updates, Facebook stated that its new mission to bring the world closer together. Till now, this social media giant never tried for a dating app and intimate dating apps like Tinder. Facebook already showed their interest in making a dating app and this is why the new reports confirming for a Facebook dating app. But it is still uncertain whether it will come in a separate way or would be integrated into the same Facebook app.

An app researcher named Jane Manchun Wong posted multiple interfaces of Facebook dating app, which seems quite legit.

After bringing this update to the online users, Facebook could give a tough competition to the Tinder. Now is it pretty definite that Facebook may bring this feature in near days but what do you think Facebook should integrate this feature in Facebook or they should come with a separate app? Let us know by commenting your thought in the comment section.

Facebook Dating App in Progress As A Confirmed Tinder Competitor!
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