Some of Eagle-eyed Facebook users might have noticed an unusual reaction on Facebook. Now, this thing has become a curiosity for most of the most Facebook users. People are looking for how to get the plane reaction on Facebook. As a Facebook user, you might know there are reactions feature, which you can react with Wow, Like, Haha, Sad, Angry and Love. But new rumor says Facebook has enabled new reaction feature with weird Flight reaction.facebook flight reaction

Some of the websites already started to post how to make it possible to give a flight reaction in a post. Now, this feature is making buzz among the millions Facebook users. Being here you might have seen or heard about this ongoing trend about the Facebook flight reaction. We will share everything about this update from Facebook and let you know if you can do the same or not.

How to get Facebook Flight Reaction!

For this question, we could say why would you want to use this flight reaction on Facebook? Well, there are six reaction and tons of emojis that could be way better to express your thoughts. Now figure out which are your best emojis and reactions than using the Flight reaction is a Facebook. As you know emojis would make sense to use in a post but flight sign rarely matches any reaction that you won’t ever wish to use.

As said most of the sites even start making a tutorial for using Reactions, as most of the people asking and looking for it to use this new buzz. Here is the method to get Facebook Flight Reaction in the Facebook app.facebook

  • Go to the Android Device Settings.
  • Tap on the App Managers and select the Facebook app from the app list.
  • Clear cache and data by tapping Clear App Data.
  • Now go back to the App Drawer and open the Facebook app.
  • You will have to log in; enter your Facebook login details.
  • Now tap and hold like button to see Flight reaction.

Well, this feature will not work anymore, it is removed by the Facebook team. People already used this feature Yesterday and shocked suddenly seeing this reaction.

Facebook Flight Reaction removed

Now, this is a good idea overexpressing Anger reaction on political issues. Having this new Facebook, the users are now can share a flight emoji than Anger expression. Well, this is not the actual thing which is happened last night. This news is not official by the Facebook team and

This new emotion update is not confirmed by the Facebook official. Though some rumor claiming this is app only feature and some of the users were claiming using this feature on Desktop as well.facebook flight reaction

But in a reliable report, it was said that it was an employee hackathon. This wasn’t cleared from there system then and it appeared to all users.

Here are some words by  The Daily DOT, were Facebook will representative told.

This was created as part of an employee hackathon and wasn’t cleared for takeoff,” “Our apologies.

So, it is a bug that was mistakenly featured on Facebook. If you are a looking for this feature then it just a bug feature which was added to Facebook unintentionally.

Do you think this feature should be rolled back by removing the Angry reaction or is this just a useless reaction? Additionally, there was also a Wonderful reaction, which was removed. Let us know what other feature you were waiting to see on Facebook by commenting in the below.


Facebook Flight Reaction: Mistakenly Goes Live for All Users
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