Today Facebook is one of the best platform in social media for watching the different entertaining news, interesting games and many types of video content. Facebook was launched in united states, almost one year ago and after that successful launching, the company is now looking forward to launching its watch service throughout the world. In this way, Facebook is directly giving competition to the likes of YouTube. It is quite amazing that only after 12 months Facebook got more than 50 million viewers per month and the company trying hard to spread their success throughout the world. By allowing monetization Facebook flight is trying to help the creators to make Watch appealing.

Facebook Watch

The users from the different countries like the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland are benefited by making money from their different videos and in future, many other countries will also join with them in due course. While announcing the global launch of the Facebook watch, Fidji Simo, the company’s head of video said that they launched Facebook Watch a year ago in the US so that people can connect with the video creators and other friends. He also told that they made it easy to watch different videos which are liked and shared by your friends.

Details you can expect from Facebook watch:

Facebook shares some of the details which you expect from Watch. On your smartphone, you can find Watch in the shortcuts bars which are also available on Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV Oculus TV and Xbox One.

  • Participating in videos – With Facebook you can have the experience of making new videos and you can give the shape to the direction of the content. And in future, you will have the experience to find new videos in Watch feed and different videos which are focused on audience participation. In this way, they are making it easy to get live videos so that you can discuss interesting moments with others at the same time when it is just happening.
  • A place to find new videos – In your Watch feed you can get a list of the latest videos, news, sports and many entertaining clips.
  • A place to save your videos – If you came across a video while watching news feed and you want to watch the video but don’t have the time to watch it now then you can save the same video in Watch and you can watch the same at any time.
  • A way where you can catch the publishers and creators you like – By customizing the Watchlist, which you will find at the top of the Watch feed, you can follow or remove more pages within watch from your list.

Maria Smith and Paresh Rajwat, the product management director explained that they had been testing ad breaks for a limited set of creators and publishers, but now they will get the chance for making money from their different videos.

So these are everything about the Facebook Watch Time which they have recently updated after the YouTube. The features seem to be really interesting, but you will be able to know more about the feature in the coming days when we are going to use this feature more often. Drop your comment down and share your thoughts about the features.

Facebook Introduce “Watch” Feature After YouTube Has Done Globally
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