After Facebook has introduced the “Watch” feature, now according to a report, the users of Facebook will get a new feature called ‘things in common’. With this feature, the users will get a chance to share some common interests and which will give the users the option of connecting with other Facebook users who are not a part of your friend list but has the same interest. Facebook as a social networking giant is planning to achieve this by showing the Facebook users that there are common things with other Facebook users when they are going through the public posts and comments. And this label may also point out when you are not friends on facebook but you are the part of the same facebook group or work at the same company.

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According to a report a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement that knowing the shared things in common can help people to connect with each other. He also told that they are tasting to add a ‘ thing in common ‘ label that will appear above the comments from people who, you do not friend with. For now, the test is only limited to the US only and for a small group of people. So in future, it will be a great experience when this will be available in a wider user –base. Now you can say that this is the dating feature which can compete with the Tinder app.

More about Things in Common Feature:

In recent times Facebook is trying out different features which include the new dating feature and that feature was first tested internally by Facebook employees before it is rolled out to the other users of Facebook. This service will work as an opt-in feature and in future, it may become a major competitor to some of the apps like Tinder app.

Facebook is always trying to help you in making new friends. And now it is working to help people to discover things which they have in common with others using a new label on public conversations. With this new feature, Facebook will show you the things which you have in common with the participants involved in that conversation. Let me explain with an example. When you are reading a public post on Facebook, you will come across a label where you can read the statement that you both went to Oxford University and the another commenter’s name will be there next to the statement. So you can say that the goal of this new feature is to help people connect by making it easier.

So Facebook is always trying to make it easier to connect with new people. Let us see how far this will help us to track down new people. Drop your thoughts below on the comment section on what you think of the new Facebook feature.

Facebook ‘THINGS IN COMMON ‘ Feature – Feature To Compete With Tinder
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