Fake apps are not new in the Google Play Store, where a lot of malware applications steal users data without the users’ intention. Generally, these fraud apps impersonate a payment app on Android devices and can also steal users hard earn money. Beware of fake apps while downloading apps from the Android app store. A new wave of fake banking and payment apps on have become polluting the security of users. These fakes banking apps are targeting its users to collect sensitive information about your bank details by asking users to fill forms. Thus, fraudsters can get into users bank account and steal money from their bank account.fake banking apps

The Google Play Store is having something serious issue with these fraud applications. Reportedly three of India’s most popular banks are targetted majorly such as RBL Bank, HDFC, and ICICI Bank. So, be careful while you are thinking to start internet banking or mobile banking through your Android device. Not just these three banks but also some other notorious apps like the State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Canara Bank and so on.

Google Removes Bogus Banking Apps from its Play Store

It is said that all of these mimic apps are published on Google Play Store by a single person only. But this fraud developer is doing it anonymously to steal your potential information about users bank. Well, fake apps are not new in the Google Play Store, where a lot of useless apps. Thus, for Android device users, security is a big challenge for Android users and Android Operating System.

Allegedly, Google has removed Fake Banking Apps from its app market which are targeting the Indian users and well-known banks. It is said that these impersonate apps had been downloaded hundreds of times by the Android users. Google is trying to remove all of the fake apps that are featured in their app market and majorly focusing on fraudulent money transferring apps and banks.

Who have already downloaded those fake banking apps could face serious time. Basically, these apps are asking users to fill-up the form mimicking official banks interface and these way developer collect your private banking details. Also, seeding malware installing these fraud apps, it unknowingly syncs device details. In these ways, they use all users details and able to steal money from your bank account.

How to download the Official Banking App?

There is a new wave of Mobile banking and Internet banking. It helps a lot while purchasing goods, ornaments from online shops. Also, need to know every good thing has negative point as well. Cybercrime is a very serious issue for the online users, where security is a burning topic. Some fraud app developers are focusing on fake bank apps to steal money. Being an open-source Operating System, fake apps are pretty common on the Android app store. safe and secure banking app

If you are having any device running the Android Operating System, then you should be careful while downloading internet banking apps. We will add some crucial point to avoid any fraudulent or malware apps from the Google Play Store. Because when it is about your potential information and bank details, you must be a real serious in this regard;

Download Banking App from Official Websites: When you are downloading a Banking app from the Official bank website, it is always safe and secure. Nowadays every bank has their own mobile banking or online banking app, which you can download on your device. Yes, their app would be featured in the Google Play Store but if you find a lot of search result then you are recommended to download it from your bank official website.

Ask a link: The best practice for getting your bank app is to ask a genuine link for a banking app. You can request downloading link by calling customer care or can contact your nearest bank branch. This is the most secure way to get your own bank app to use on your device.

Check App Developer:  To download your banking app from the Google Play Store, you should rectify the developer before you start downloading on your Android device. Make sure the banking app is featured by the Bank itself or not by any person.

App Ratings and Reviews: No matter how many download counts have an app, never rely on any apps without ratings and reviews. Check if the banking app has good reviews and rating.

These are the ways to get a genuine bank app and avoid frauds, who are continuously trying to steal your personal information. As you may know, Google Play Store is highly saturated with random apps. Though Google has ejected some fake bank app from their market but there is no guarantee, these mimic apps are not going to feature in their App Store. So, better you be careful while downloading your own banking app from Google Play Store or better be following crucial point which we have given.

Beware of These Fake Banking Apps! Google’s Action & Safety Tips
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