Like we already showed some of the new collection of WhatsApp Status on our site. Here is another classified Alone WhatsApp Status 2018 to update your WhatsApp Stories. These are all new alone status collection for lonely people who wish to update their WhatsApp update with some extremely alone status. Also, WhatsApp Sad Statuses well suited in this situation if you want to express you loneliness among your WhatsApp Friends.

We don’t have full control of our life. It goes the way it is. It has curves, shapes, various circumstances; bad and goods. There are times loneliness grasp us cold. Times that make us feel alone amongst the crowd. Loneliness when we find ourselves talking to none other than own selves. They say the best thing to do is to talk to close ones, friends, or family when we feel lonely. But, things do not work out easy all the time, no matter how much effort we give in. Remember, we don’t have full control over life.

However, whether we expect any good outcome or not, most of us have our own ways to share a state of mind. The happenings in our life are reflected in many things we. WhatsApp Status feature has become one of the common ways to share our thoughts and state of mind.Alone WhatsApp Status 2018

Irrespective of the situations and circumstances of current life, we have seen people, been sharing words of mind. There might a psychological thing works behind it but we are likely to share our feelings on WhatsApp status besides other ways of expression. So, now find out new 100+ WhatsApp Status Lonely updates 2018 on this page;

New 100+ Best Alone WhatsApp Status 2018 | Top Alone Status for WhatsApp Update

When it comes to Alone WhatsApp Status 2018, sometimes we do it just for one person to read. Sometimes we do it because we seek sympathy from friends and family. Some, they do it because they are too introvert to say things directly to others.

In the end, all it matters is to express own self to loosen up a little bit of depression. And, a rightly fabricated line would do the best. Of course, not all of us are good at fabricating words to meet a perfect line that whispers of our feeling precisely. One of these WhatsApp statuses alone enlisted below may speak of your lonely mind. Have a look at them.

100+ Sad &Lonely WhatsApp Status Quotes for All

Unique Alone WhatsApp Status 2018
A Smile Perfectly Covers Up Wounds of Heart
Greatest Pain: Loving Someone You Can Never Have
There Dwells a Lonely Heart Behind Those Fake Smiles
All I want is to Feel Important to Someone
Need a Little Time, Alone; to Recharge
It’s the Pain Reminding That I’m Still Alive
Sometimes, You Need to Get Away. Just to See Who’s Gonna Follow You
Many Nights I Burnt, In The Fire of My Own Thoughts
Sometimes, there is so much we feel, and so little we utter
You left me for no reason, don’t come back with an excuse
Tears are the silent players that travel to God when we unable to whisper
Wake me up, when things are goin’ right
Feeling crappy inside, as if something has broken
To B Alone is To B Different, To B Different is to B Alone
A day will show what have you lost, a day will show me what I have gained
That worse moment, when your silence-to-save-relation considered as your ego
The soul of sadness is self
Being lonely is crying with no tears, like a storm with no rain
I’m not alone, But I’m lonely without U
It’s too hard to hard to live alone
It’s useless to cry over someone who doesn’t cry over you
Sometimes, it feels like darkness grasped me completely
I walk in the rain, thus, no one knows I’m crying
It’s better to be alone rather than being with the wrong person
That moment when you’re waiting for someone never to be back
When you sit alone, you sit with your past
The most terrible poverty is Loneliness
That moment when anger turns into tears
Being alone is far better than being ignored
It’s sad to be happy alone
The Miserable Story: You walked away & I had to let you go
Staying alone, fewer chances of being hurt
Standing alone does not mean I’m broken; I’m strong enough to handle things by myself
It doesn’t take anything to join a crowd. It takes everything to stand alone
I like being alone, but I hate being lonely
You need to cry all your tears out, just to make a room for smiles
When I’m lonely, music is my only friend
I just wish to sleep, forever
I’m not alone because loneliness is always with me
I hate letting people into my life because they always leave

41: I just wish to feel that I’m important to someone
The loneliest people on the earth are the biggest givers
Lonely is a Man without Love
Behind those fake smiles, there lies a lonely heart
What loneliness is lonelier than distrust?
It is strange to be known so universally, yet to be so lonely
If you are afraid of being lonely, don’t try to be right
How did we go talking every day to strangers?
You always get hurt the moment you begin to care
I always found the right one on wrong time
You are the only exception
Being ignored, worst feeling ever
Please Burn my sad memories
Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened
I just want to sleep until I don’t miss you anymore
I restore myself when I’m Alone
I’m tired of waiting for nothing
They will ignore you until they need you
I’m not alone, I have my sadness with me
I’m not alone but I am lonely without you
I am tired of falling in love alone
I’m alone because I know what to do
Some routes you have to walk alone
I’m the person everyone replaces after a while
I love listening to lies when I know the truth
I’m trying to be alone without feeling lonely
Never lose your hope, even if you’re alone
Sometimes the biggest smile contains the most pain
Don’t let me go because I’m tired of feeling alone
If you want to be strong, learn how to fight alone
I work well with others when they leave me alone
It’s so lonely when you don’t even know yourself
I wish if I could ignore you the way you ignored me
Life could be wonderful if people would leave you alone
Life goes on; who can’t be on time – remain alone
Living alone makes it harder to find someone to blame
Sometimes, I think too much and make myself sad
Sometimes, the biggest smile contains the worst pain
I promise to never let you feel alone in this world
I’m that fool who lied to myself that you will never leave me
You call it being alone, I call it enjoying my own company
Living alone means never to close the bathroom door
It’s better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone
If you speak alone, you will always be right
Don’t be scared to walk alone, Don’t be scared to like it
And then I think that might be I was designed to be alone
Always stand for what is right, even if you are standing alone
I don’t hate people, I just feel better when they aren’t around
It sucks to be alone even when there are people around you
Loneliness is when you have nobody to say that you are lonely
Lonely is not being alone, it’s the feeling that no one cares
The hardest walk is walking alone, but it’s also the strongest
Some people changes your life, then leave without explanation
A meaningful silence always stronger than meaningless words
I close my eyes and dream of a time when I wasn’t all alone
You make me feel like I’m going in spirals, I don’t know what to do
You had a place in my heart no one else could ever have
Sometimes, it’s better to pretend you don’t care than to admit its killing you
The worst loneliness is not to likes yourself
All gracefulness, it seems, is tinged with sadness
I hate being far from you

As said, loneliness is not being alone but feeling alone even in the crowd. Sometimes, you need time to get over it. Sometimes, a helping hand would help. Most importantly, self-motivating is the key. So, simply don’t share or express your thoughts but look for ways to overcome. Life is always beautiful when we learn to look at it from the right way. Being in love we also love to share the love and romantic status for WhatsApp, which is also added on our site.

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The enlisted meaningful Alone WhatsApp status might satisfy your need to utter thoughts, but the real key is your own self. Be strong, be alone. Because it’s better to be alone than being in bad company.

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