It seems Fortnite for Android is not ready to feature on Google Play Store. This notorious free to play is a battle game from Epic Games recently was in the news as this is coming for Android users. Game lover from the part of Android would be disappointed with the new rumor. A report suggested that Fortnite from Epic Game might not be featured on Google Play Store.

Basically, every official apps and games are featured on Google Play Store, but this might not be the case for this game. According to XDA Developers, this app may come soon for Android users but they can’t download it from the main app store.fornite for Android

Android users will have to download it from a web browser and says Epic Game team making an Android version that could be download from any web browser.

Fortnite for Android is coming on Google Play Store

Well, behind no featuring Fornite game in the Google app store, there is a valid reason. As a fan of this game, you might have noticed this game is not even featured on Steam, which one of the largest digital distributors of PC title and other popular digital platforms like Green Man Gaming and GOG.COM doesn’t have Fortnite in their list.

Though these Digital Game Distributors have a large number of audiences, which can help to gain users and download counts for the Fortnite game. The game is so popular free to play that doesn’t need any help or promotions.

Now Fornite has more than 125 million active multiplayer gamers and last year with this game Epic team has earned more than $ billion.fortnite for Android

This game is only available on Epic’s website. However, this game is available on the Apple App Store. To download Fortnite for the iOS device, you will be redirected to the App Store. Same way, if this game comes live for Android, but it odd that it cannot be redirected from the Epic website.

So it makes sense Epic Game is not featuring Fortnite on Google Play Store. On the other hand, making available on iOS Epic Game loses about 30% of its profits. By not featuring Fortnite on Google Play Store, Epic Game can revive its profit and the in-App purchase also will become a purely native income for them.

But it is not yet confirmed by the official Epic Game team but the rumors are somewhat true as of now, as we can see many good reasons behind it. Also, if it comes true then many Android users will have to wait for another term.

A source instruction and leak images from Epic server shows;

Download and install Fortnite through your browser. Once you download, you will be prompted with some security permissions. This is necessary to install any app outside of the Play Store.

Games Like Fortnite To Play On Android

While iPhone and iPad users already enjoying this amazing role-playing multiplayer action game on their device. Android fans still waiting for it. Fortnite somewhat like a cartoon version of PUBG, where the gameplay is almost same if we catch it. Yes, if you were waiting for this game then you can try out PUBG game and yes, more Fortnite or PUBG like the game is now available on Google Play store, which you can enjoy playing till this big title comes official. fortnite for mobile

Fortnite similar games;

  • PUBG Mobile
  • Ganera Free Fire
  • CrossFire: Legends
  • Arena of Valor: 5v5 Battle
  • Dead Island: Survivors

TIM Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games has long crusaded closed platforms. Now time will see if this app will come live on Google Play Store or not. Being an Android user you might not feel good about it. If you are an Android user then let us know if you are waiting for it or not, or what other other Fortnite alternatives you are trying let us know in the comment section.


Suspense on Fortnite for Android: Might Not Arrive on Google Play Store!
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