Free Music Apps for iPhone Without WiFi or Internet

There are many free music apps for iPhone available that requires a stable internet connection to play music. However, it’s not possible to stay connected to the Internet all the time. Hence, the fun of listening to music is affected. In that case, there should be an alternative way in terms of offline music. Storing music files on your device internal memory is not the type of stuff you would want to. Here in this article, you will know about the best free music apps for iPhone without Wifi and internet connection that you can have on your iOS devices.

Yes, these apps let you to play thousands of music offline while you never had to save these music tracks on your phone memory. So, if you are looking for a free music apps for iPhone without WiFi or Data connection, here are best of them. All of these apps are features full and we are sure, after using these applications to listen to your favorite music offline you will forget all about online music player app. So let’ have a look at the list of offline music listening applications for iPhone.

free music apps for iphone without internet

Best Free Music Apps for iPhone Without Wifi or Internet:

1: SoundCloud

SoundCloud is much alike YouTube for Audio tracks. You can find music of any genre here while you may share your own music tracks on the SoundCloud. The app allows you to choose your desired tracks by favorite artist, albums, latest uploads, and more. This is a great platform for young artists who struggle to get the attention of fans. The app has a very simple and functioning user interface fulfilling every need of free music apps for iPhone without Wifi and Internet.


Download SoundCloud for  iPhone

2: Spotify

Another one of the reliable free music apps for iPhone without WiFi or Data connection is the Spotify. Spotify is a  great music destination for people who are looking into online and offline songs on the go. The service comes for free of cost, yet there is also a paid version which may cost you $12.99 bucks per month. Find millions of music tracks to play and share them on various social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.


Download Spotify for iPhone

3: Shazam

Shazam is one of my favorite music apps for many reasons. This popular offline music app has in over 100 million users each month and keeps then doped. You may search for your desired music titles or albums tying them in. You can also find the lyrics of the songs you played or desire to read. One of the most interesting features of the Shazam app is that simply open the application while you are listening to some unknown music, the app will automatically tell you what music you are listening to. Shazam is capable of identifying any unknown music playing nearby. Literally, Shazam is one of the great music apps for the iPhone without internet.


Download Shazam for iPhone

4. Saavn:  With over 13million users, Saavn is a great music app for playing music offline. With Saavn you can download any song you want starting from trending list to oldies. You can search for songs through artist name, year of release, movie or album name. What makes Saavn the best music without Wi-Fi is that, even as a new user you can easily access the search button of the Saavn by clicking on the menu on the bottom. All the songs that you play will have a download icon right beside it. But note that you will first need to register to Saavn to enable the downloads. The songs changing feature is a simple swipe of the album art. That’s not it, Saavn comes with many features as well that you will definitely love to enjoy from.


Download Saavn for iPhone

5. Google Play Music: Google Play Music is a free music app that comes with Android devices. You may think that Google Play Music is just a music player but it is more than that. With Google Play Music, you can enjoy every single feature that comes with any best music without Wi-Fi apps. With every new update of Android, you will be able to see the new updated interface of Google Play Music. There are over millions of songs that you can listen to directly, also if you want to download them to listen to on offline mode. Also if you want to enjoy great feature from this best music without Wi-Fi apps then simply subscribe. After you subscribe you will get to enjoy features like creating your own library, live radio stations, offline songs, skip songs and more.

Google Play Music

Download Google Play Music for iPhone

4: Pandora

Pandora is known to be one of the hottest offline music streaming apps for its great user-interface and music stations. The app does not provide a comparatively huge music collection, but whatever it offers, it offers the best. Also, this application has a huge number of music stations where you can tune in and stream your favorite music for free offline without Wifi. Being one of the most reliable free music apps for iPhone without WiFi or Internet, Pandora comes with many other amazing features. Pandora is available in both free and paid version. The best feature about the Pandora is the Alarm Clock feature, you can wake up with your favorite song playing on your iPhone in the morning from this application.


Download Pandora for iPhone

5: Umusio

Umusio is a great destination for both music video and audio tracks lovers. This app is alternative to YouTube, as this also has all those features like YouTube, the only thing is that you will only find music videos and audio file. All the contents are free of cost and there is no limitation in the service, so simply listen or stream the music videos from the app whenever you want. You may choose your desired music from millions of videos and audios. You can quickly navigate to your favorite artists, singers, bands, albums, or songs by searching directly on the search bar.


Download Umusio for iPhone


So, these are the best free music apps for iPhone without WiFi or Internet. Using these apps, you no longer need an Internet connection or store music files on your iPhone. All the music tracks can be played from the cloud, online or offline. These best music apps for iPhone ensures you never get away from music despite data service unavailability.

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