Have there been times when you wished that in-app purchase were the worst possible thing that could a game could ever have? Well, I have been there too and most mobile gamers facing this problem. And just like you and them, I too wish that this feature might disappear or get abolished from the gaming world. But as we all know that won’t happen. But there is a certain App that can get rid of this in-app purchase problem. That app is Freedom Apk.

Download Freedom App for Android is one of those game hacking apps that help you to get rid of all the in-app purchases present in a game. I will be providing you with a brief explanation of how this app works. Besides that, I will also be providing you with the steps of how to download latest Freedom Apk and how to use it too. Check how this App works and all details below.

How Does Freedom Apk for Android Work?

As it has already been mentioned what kind of App Freedom is, let’s not go there again. So, what basically this App does is that it uses a fake credit card to pay off the premium features. But there is catch and that is the credit card has no credit but this app makes Google Play Store believe that real money was used to make the payment. Actually, this app is not legal and due to this fact, it is not available on Google Play Store. And you can not download freedom apk no root version.

download Freedom apk

But you can still use it as this App is quite safe to use. Check the steps provided below on how you need to get this app.

Freedom Apk Features:

So here are the features of Freedom app. Not all the features have been listed here, only the major features are available here.

  • Freedom is available for free and you can get this from the link that has been provided in the download section of this post.
  • With the help of this app, you can enjoy your favorite games to the fullest and not just games you can use this app for other apps too
  • The best part of this app is that you can hack all the in-app purchase of all games like Pokesniper and apps. There are lots of games for which you need to make some kind of payment and this help you in doing so.
  • What if I told you that you can become the best in online gaming? Yes! You can bypass all the payments of this game and gain access to all the items or upgrades for which you need to make some payment.
  • Not just in-app purchases but you can get unlimited coins, gems, tools and all the extra features that are available in a game. You can even try it in Pokemon go also.
  • The size of the app is quite low any upgrades that you need.

Though there are many other features of this app the ones that have been mentioned here are major features. But before getting this app make sure that you have checked the requirements of this app.

Requirements of Freedom App for Android:

The requirements are not that high and nearly all smartphones nowadays can run this app with ease.

  • Memory Space of 100MB (Internal).
  • Android GingerBread (Version 2.3).
  • Rooted Android Device.
  • 512 MB RAM (Or above).

All these requirements are easily available but the one requirement that everyone is afraid of is the having rooted device. So if you are interested in getting this app then root your device. There are lots of apps available that can help you to root your device with ease.

Download Freedom Apk for Android:

Download process of Freedom App is very similar to that of other apps and you might be quite familiar with how to do that. But still, I will be providing the steps that are necessary to download this App.

  • Click on the Freedom apk direct Download link that is available down below.


  • After the downloading process will begin in a while.
  • It may take a few seconds to download the Apk file. This will solely depend on the speed of your data connection.
  • The completion of the download will be marked by the arrival of the Freedom App icon on the home screen.

Now, that the download is over, let me provide you with the steps that need to be followed install this app. Check the steps provided below.

Before that make sure that the Unknown Sources are turned on! If it is not enabled then enable it by following the steps below.

  • Open “Settings.”
  • Then go to “Security.”
  • Now search for “Unknown Sources” and tap on it to enable it.

latest Freedom Apk

Installation Process of Freedom Apk for Android:

The installation process has been provided down below. Just make sure that you follow steps accordingly.

  • To install the Freedom Apk you need to find the Apk file of the app that you just downloaded a few moments back.
  • After finding the Apk tap on that to start the installation process.
  • But before that, you need to provide permission to your device to install the App.
  • You will receive a prompt message and you need to comply with “Install.”

download Freedom Apk

  • By doing that the installation process will begin and you need to wait for some time as the process may take some time.

install Freedom App

  • When the process is completed you will see the below-provided image on your screen. You can tap on open to start using the app.

Freedom App android

As you can see the process of installing the steps are quite simple and easy. You just need to follow the steps accordingly. But there is another factor that you must be well aware of and that is how to use this app to hack other apps.

The steps of how to use this app have been provided below. Take a look at those. The steps are quite easy and you just need to follow.

How to Use Freedom App to Hack Apps?

Basically, there are only 4 – 5 steps that you would need to go through to hack the game or app of your choice. Down below I have provided the steps along with the images that will help you to go through this without any hassle.

Step 1

To start using the App you need to click on the icon of the App. This will start the App and the image down below will appear on your screen.

Freedom Apk direct download

Step 2

After the App has successfully loaded all the apps present on your device, Click/Tap on the App that you want to hack. (I have selected “Subway Surfer”).

Freedom Apk no root

Step 3

Now, the below-provided image will appear before you. This might take around 3 – 4 minutes, so I suggest you wait patiently.

Freedom pro Apk

Step 4

After that, the below-provided screen will appear before you and there click on “Grant.”

Freedom Apk xda

Step 5

Now another “Please Wait” screen will appear before you and you need to wait for a few seconds.

how to download Freedom Apk

Step 6

And with that the process is complete and you will be able to get unlimited gems, coins and all the in-app purchases of the game or app you like.

But do make sure that you have a rooted device otherwise none of these would work. In fact, you won’t be able to install the app even.

If your device is not rooted and you still want to use this app then just root your phone and then you would be able to use the app.

FAQ about Freedom Apk:

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Freedom App. Check out if you have any further questions.

FAQ 1: Can I run Freedom Apk without rooting my device?

A: No, you won’t be able to rum freedom Apk without rooting your device.

FAQ 2: Will this damage my device?

A: Freedom app will not harm your device in any way. But I cannot comment anything about the rooting for the device.

FAQ 3: Is the app available on Google Play Store?

A: No, Freedom app is not available on Google Play Store but you can get it from the provided download link.

FAQ 4: Does this App contain any ad?

A: No, Freedom Apk doesn’t contain any ad. You will be able to use this app without facing any hassle.

FAQ 5: Is this App free of cost?

A: This app is as free as it can be. You don’t have to pay a single penny to use this app.

FAQ 6: Can this App root my device?

A: No, this app is not able to root your device. You need to get a rooting app to root your device properly.

Freedom App is quite an awesome app and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed about using downloading this app. If you are scared of rooting your device then I can say that this is a risk that you have to take if you want to use this app. Besides, there are certain apps nowadays that can assure you safe rooting, I suggest that you get one of those apps. And after using that App to root your device you would be able to use this app on your device. Freedom Apk is the best when it comes to bypassing the in-app purchases of any game or app.

Freedom Apk For Android- Download Latest Version (Full Step by Step Guide)
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