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Funny Status is an entertaining status in WhatsApp and sometimes people ran out of words that sound funny. Are you intending to make your contact list of WhatsApp laugh by allowing them to read your WhatsApp status? In that case, all you have to do set funny status on your WhatsApp account by using some really funny lines. Funny words are something that makes people goes crazy making them laugh till their stomach hurts. Today we will be providing to you a list of 100+ Funny WhatsApp Status ideas and is the best for you.

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There is no doubt that people who are fond of using instant messaging apps love to read funny status. Get ready to make people laugh with your WhatsApp status till their stomach aches. Funny Status really helps people to come out of stress or frustration and entertain them.

If you want to make that happen then you have visited the right page. In this post, we have covered everything that you need in a Hilarious WhatsApp status.

100+ Best Funny WhatsApp Status 2018 | Top Collection of WhatsApp

So, here you can find some of the hilarious lines for WhatsApp, which can be used in your profile quote, text photo status. All of these statuses are short and easily will fit in your status update but if you want funny lines with up to 500 character support then update your official WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp app. Now let us see the best better

Amazing 100+ Funny WhatsApp Status 2018

Funny WhatsApp Status 2018
I really love to fart on your face.
You have to swim if I put a drop of water on the floor.

I peed in my pants after watching a horror movie.

I lost my underwear yesterday somebody stole it.

Do you the full form of Math. It is mental abuse to humans.
I love to kill the time because I enjoy doing it.
The best way to not give on your dreams is by keeping on sleeping.
Karma did you know you have missed lots of people. If you want I can give you the list.
I cannot kiss on my lips. Can you do that favor on me?
Time to get stresses to burn down my calories. And I will become a supermodel in weeks.
Smile while you have teeth. Because Life is very short.
Ladies first was invented by the men who enjoy watching women standing behind them.
My life has become a continuous cycle of waiting for the weekend to arrive.
After 5 minutes of studies, I feel like I have earned an achievement.
I will get marry with the only one who looks good on Aadhaar ID Card.
You look like a donkey who is riding on a horse.
The most difficult thing to do is spending time in exams.
At the last minute of the exam, I get superpowers.
Today I just meet the most beautiful person when I looked in the mirror.
I study for only 1 hour and take rest the whole.
I become serious after I get my exam results. But after few days the energy is gone and I keep on sleeping.

I am not a lazy person just saving my energy.
Have patient because even toilet has the capacity to hold only ass home at each time.
My voice sounds like a duck.
If you are not able to change a girl then you better change the girl.
My iPhone is not working properly. When I pressed the home button it appears to be I am still at home.
Eat like you have never done it before.
Hello, there WhatsApp is currently using me.
A man with status does not need any status.
Using over make-up will make you look like a monkey.
It seems love cannot be purchased but you have to pay for it.
I love living my life in a world of fantasy. You better keep your reality away from it.
The best way to save water is by drinking beer.
Father in heaven there is a bug that you need a fix in your software. And that software is known as Monday.
The best way to lose your fat is by burning the calorie using fire.
I am very jealous of my parent. Because in the future I cannot have a cool kid like theirs.
The full meaning of class come late and stat sleeping.
People do exercises to live longer but who wants to live that long.
Looking for a relationship can I have one?
A new married man looks happy and that is fine. But when 20 years married man looks happy that is weird.
My phone got drown when it falls on the water. And it is dead because it does not know how to swim.
If you have a mentally disordered friend consider yourself lucky. Because they are very hard to be found.
One fine day I swear I will make the onions cry.
A second chance is only for the losers.
Dear, Math grows up buddy and you better try to solve the problems on your own.
You better Stay hungry and stay foolish.
Teachers have our homework at school then you must complete it at home.
I try to crack a joke but no one laughs at it.
The exam should be fair just like in love.
I go to school every day just to watch girls.
I drink but I never get drunk.
When I look open my fort camera I got scared looking at my reflection. And it looks so funny.
I don’t like my mood right now because it does not take out my permission.
My parents ask me to attend classes. But I always bunk them.
It is funny when someone laughs at you. The main reason behind it is they are actually jealous.
Seriously! I love you from my butt as it is larger than my heart.
God is really a masterpiece creator. Well just look at me Man.
Love is everything. But the truth is money is everything.
I am so poor that I am not able to pay any attention inside the classroom.
You know a fantastic thing about getting success. It is that you get congratulations just like you are being pregnant.
You may think I am Virgin. But life had already fucked me.
There is a saying you cannot live without love and money. But the truth is you cannot live without oxygen.
Men are fool but some are bachelors they are not fool.
The best thing about foolish is it has no limits but a genius does.
Behind every successful, there is an unsuccessful woman who always relies on you.
Don’t fall in love. Until and unless there is someone to catch you.
Facebook is filled with foolish and jokers who entertains you.
My bed is my GF but the clock is an ass hole that is always after our dreams.
If there is an award for laziness. I think no one can beat me in that.
My parents say don’t fight at street then I choose the school for that.
I have set my password and that is “incorrect”. Know what I mean?
If you think you are hot then I am definitely cool.
People stop barking at me and shut up.
I wish I had a tree where money grows.
I don’t have to go visit a hair parlor. Because everything I go to bed my pillow gives me new hairstyles.
When you don’t have trust in your relationship, you better play games.
I am just trying to be mad at you. But you are ruining it by laughing.
It is not wise to argue with stupid people.
Don’t stare at me like an idiot.
I was born to do mistakes.
I get busy and tired thinking of the world and ended up doing nothing.
Don’t be proud of the completion of your degree course. Because you know that even the thermometer has a degree but without a brain.
A man with no status has no status.
Don’t waste spending your time by reading my status.
If you wish to see monkey then go and stare at the mirror you will see it.
I feel too lazy even to brush my teeth.
You better mind your WhatsApp status.
I don’t have bad thoughts. And I am just being sexy.
The best way to makes your dreams come true is by never waking up from the sleep.
You better read about me at Wikipedia.
I want to shit, Google map please help me find the toilet.
Life has taught me many lessons but I never learned them. Because I am very expert in skipping lessons.
My Christmas wish is to become slim just like a supermodel.
The best way to get a girl phone number is by using their cell phone and calling it in your number.
Mosquitoes are very attracted to my beautiful body.
Get a job, get the responses.
If you wish to go to hail, get married soon.
I just ate raw pork because I don’t know how to cook them.
I am busy right now remember me some other time.
Zombies love to eat brains. But don’t worry you don’t have it.
I forgot that you actually exist.

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Here, we have concluded the list of best 100+ Funny WhatsApp Status which are the best ones. Check out each funny line and set it as your WhatsApp status update by today itself. With these, you can make people laugh and bring a smile to their faces. And this extremely amusing status of WhatsApp is for everyone and for all ages. We recommend you to try the above mention status and set it on your WhatsApp profile to make people laugh in your contact list.

100+ Best Funny WhatsApp Status 2018 Collection | Crazy WhatsApp Status
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