There are many games like Geometry Dash which you will love to play. Some might you have played and some not. You might be looking for an arcade action game that able to offer you the same or more gaming experience as of Geometry Dash 2.1. This game is a challenging game in which you have to overcome many obstacles to complete the levels. It is a platform based game with attractive visuals and objectives. If you have not still played this game then download Geometry dash and enjoy its attractive action arcade like geometry dash

Those who are dedicated gamers are always looking for alternatives to games. To find the perfect alternative to Geometry Dash game is a bit tough as the internet is full of many foolish games. If you had played this amazing platform then you might have experienced the level and quality of this game. Find more platform based games, which are also as good as this game. Let’s have a look at the best Geometry Dash alternative games that I am going to list below.

Games Like Geometry Dash | Excitement Unlimited!

#1. Smash Hit

It is a single player arcade game developed by Mediocre AB. In this game, you have to shoot and smash the targets in order to cross the levels and to score more. This game has an attractive gameplay where you have to travel and to smash everything that comes in your way.  With metal balls in your hand, you have to break glasses of buildings and rooms. This game has more than 50 rooms made of glasses which you have smashed. The breaking sound of this game is real; you will experience the real breaking sound of glasses in every stage of this game. With excellent visuals, gameplay, and sound it is the top of all games like Geometry Dash.geometry dash alternatives

#2. Bit. Trip Runner

It is a rhythm scrolling arcade game developed by Gaijin Games. The gameplay of this game is divided into three stages Impetus, Triumph, and tenacity.In this game, you will be a commander who used to run and jump breaking all obstacles in the route. It’s challenging obstacles to give you more fun in playing this game. The gameplay of this game makes you run across the moon breaking al the walls. On the run, if you get smashed in the walls you have to start from the beginning of the level. Like Geometry Dash this game will make you addictive by its music, challenging story and visuals.geometry dash like games

#3. Red Ball 4

Red Ball is physics based single player arcade game like Geometry Dash which has been developed by FDG entertainment. The ultimate task of yours in this game is to save the world from the evil. Same as other arcade game in this game too you need to bounce, jump over many obstacles to complete the each level of this game. Difficulty level if this game increases after each level. Apart from obstacles, you have to face monsters and boss which is the main features that you need to beat. With addictive gameplay, sound, and visuals Red Ball 4 is the perfect alternative of Geometry Dash.geometry dash similar game

#4. Electronic Super Joy

If you are looking for a Geometry Dash alternative then Electronic Super Joy is another puzzle and action arcade game developed by Michael Todd Games. You have to travel through three worlds where you will face many difficult obstacles. The gameplay of this game is quite difficult which need more dedication to complete all levels in this game. This game is loaded with more than 50 levels; each level is full of entertainment like boss battles, different enemies.  With regular update with many features, visuals, enemies, arms this game is another severely engaging games like Geometry Dash.similar games like geometry dash

#5. Glow Hockey

It is a sporty single player based arcade game developed by Natenai Ariyatrakool. Downloading this game you will experience a smooth hockey game on which you will get immerse easily. This game is difficult but after some tries when you will get familiar with its gameplay. With different modes, themes and levels this game offers the core entertainment as you are in a hockey ground. This game is very popular among those who love to play hockey. This game is featured with a good storyline, mechanics, and story that make it more popular and a better substitute of Geometry Dash.geometry dash download

#6. Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

You all might aware about Bit Trip Runer2 which is still a popular arcade game. Runner 2 is the sequel to this game.  This game is an active single based player arcade puzzle game which is more addictive than that of Geometry Dash. The gaming environment of this game is made very attractive with different background music, story, level, and graphics. In its different level you will face many difficult obstacles in your route which you have to overcome through jump, slide, fly and much more. Runner 2 is loaded with more than 100 levels, characters and five gaming world which makes it a wonderful and addictive as games like Geometry Dash.apps like geometry dash

#7. Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

It is another action arcade game which is my favorite for its realistic story and gameplay. The main character of this game is Mr. BeatBuddy. It is flavored with attractive graphics and environments on which BeatBuddy need to complete all the challenging levels and obstacles. The story is all about BeatBuddy who wakes up from a deep sleep and starts his journey to save his friends and also his immortality. This game is featured with many gaming environments, boss battles, challenging obstacles, visual and graphics which makes it popular and a favorite game in the genre of arcade action game.geometry dash app download

#8. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is an action and adventurous arcade game which is loaded with many obstacles, mission, enemies, etc. Might be this game is in the last position but it has the capability to make you addicted. In this game Jetpack is a power with the help of which you can escape from different difficulties. The interface of this game is smooth and attractive that makes it entertaining. It is featured with gadgets, utilities, customizable characters, vehicles, jetpacks, etc. that makes it an entertaining action single player arcade game as Geometry Dash.geometry dash best alternatives

These are all about best alternatives of Geometry Dash, which you can download on your Android and iOS device. Geometry Dash is a very popular among all arcade games but those who are arcade game lovers never stick to one game. Try different games to have experience on different running track, power-ups, story, challenging obstacles and more. As I have said above that there is more than thousand game of this category but here in this post, I have enlisted only the popular and most downloaded games like Geometry dash.

Games Like Geometry Dash | Games With Unlimited Excitement!
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