Games Like Mini Militia – Top Multiplayer Games in 2017!! (Updated)

Mini Militia or so-called Doodle Army has been given many praises by dedicated gamers and critics for its graphics and gameplay. So, here find some of the cool games like Mini Militia of this year, to kill boredom with multiplayer action. When it was released it remains a favorite game as its multiplayer mode is very addictive. Still today many gamers are playing this and they are having lots of funs on playing in a group via hotspot or playing on online multiplayer mode. Still today on weekend I pass some time playing Mini like mini militia

Though this game is addictive and its gameplay is immersive some people are now getting bored playing the same game every time. So they are looking for games like Mini Militia that can provide them the same action multiplayer gaming experience. Here in this post, you will get to know about the games that resemble Mini Militia.  Check the list out.

Best Games Like Mini Militia in 2017 (updated)

Based on rating, feature, and multiplayer capabilities, now I am going to share a list of games that you will surely love to play.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

It is one of the best mobile racing games which you can play both in Offline and online mode. It is downloaded by more than 200 million gamers as it is the best multiplayer racing game. It comes with great visual effects with sound and smooth gameplay with controls. This game is developed by giant game developer Gameloft who is best in delivering attractive games. After completing every race in this game you will be rewarded with many resources using which you can customize your car. You can even choose many customized cars but for that, you have to unlock them by winning the race.  By playing this game online with random 12 players you will have the same experience like on Mini Militia.Mini militia alternatives

Clash of Clans

It is another multiple player game that is very popular among all Android and iOS games. In this game, you have to defeat and to loot resources of other online opponents. You have to build a strong and defensive clan. By defeating other clans you have to upgrade your clans and also need to spread your clan area. By playing this game you can experience the real war scenario with other online gamers. This game is developed by Supercell and now it is one of the most addictive and mostly played smartphone game. This game will let its players attack your opponents, troops training, earning gold coins and much more. Here in this game, you have to develop and also need to build strategic clans with troops so that they can destroy and loot other clans.apps like Mini Militia


Apart from Mini Militia, Bombsquad is such a game that you can’t ignore. You can move in this game as compared to Mini Militia. It is a mini online game in which you need to capture the flag. You can play this game in multiplayer mode with 6 players and its offline multiplayer mode offers you to play with 10 people via local hotspot. You can even play as a team member to go step by step with your friends. You can play this game on all devices and platform. One of the enjoying features of Mini Militia is chatting which you can do in this game too.This game comes with a different mode where you can play as single and also as a like doodle army

Air Combat Racing

It is a combat game not in the land you have to show your skills of combat in the sky. In this game, you will get experience action with advanced jet fighters equipped with heavy artillery and missiles. This game is very realistic which let you feel as on real war scenario. This game will become more interesting if you play it on online with other players. You can even play it on offline which will help you to gather more experience. If you are looking to play it on offline multiplayer mode, you need to build a group using LAN or Bluetooth.  This game is my favorite as in this game I have experienced attractive air combat.Mini militia similar games


This game is all about the robot and its story is all about how the robot will become the only species on this earth when human will wiped out completely. In this game, you have to choose whether you will for robots or for humanity. Whatever the side you have chosen, your ultimate destiny is to win this planet. This game is developed by most popular game developer company Hexage. The graphics and sound quality of this game are also very attractive like its gameplay. You have to progress in this game level by level which is critical and full of danger. It is a strategic game which you can play both in single and multiplayer mode.doodle army alternatives


It is a very popular multiplayer game that is full of adventure and action. It is a character based game where you can single or by the group can overcome all challenges. This game starts from a forest which is beautiful but there reside some deadliest things which you need to kill to move on. You have to solve many puzzles in time to beat the timer. Your route will be full of traps and obstacles which you need to bypass through your skills. Like all above-listed games like Mini Militia, you can play this in multiplayer mode with 4 players at a time.Apps like Mini Militia


All the games that I have listed above are attractive and very addictive. All games compatible with all platforms and devices. If you have enjoyed the gameplay of Mini Militia then you will love all listed games like Mini Militia. So choose any of the listed games like Mini Militia and explore the more multiplayer game.

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