10+ Top List of Games like Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a popular AR (Augmented Reality) game which has led everyone outside from their home and walk into the surrounding to find their Pokémon. This game is a GPS based real-time game where you have to follow the patches of the Pokémon and reading the map to capture your Pokémon. For the first time ever, developed by Niantic, has introduced the new way of playing online virtual reality game. There has been lots of evolution in games for mobile phones soon after Pokémon Go has been an introduction. No more sitting and staring mobile screen at one place instead download an augmented reality games like Pokemon Go, and step outside to trace every detail in the real location and capture the Pokémon.

games like pokemon go

After Pokémon Go has become one of the successful games. Many alternatives to this game have been produced. There are shooting games, sports games, Zombie hunting or treasure hunt etc. all these Pokemon alternative games have been available in the Play Store to download for smartphone or tablets for free. Well, here below we are going bring you a list of Pokemon alternative game which you should try once.

10+ Top List of Games like Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is no matter one of the best game, but now you can also get other alternative games like Pokemon Go for Android. So read below and get a good game which interests you.

1. Pixelmon GO – catch them all!

Pixelmon Go is an augmented game which has the combination of Minecraft & Pokémon Go. This is a free game, no need to buy expensive items to continue playing this game. Just travel you’re surrounding and start collecting pixel mons, well, the playground is the real world. With the help of this game, you will have to walk around into the prescribe map to track and hunt down your desired Pixelmon. Create a huge collection of Pixelmon to beat every duel you face on your gameplay. And ultimately it is a full-time fun game with lots of adventures, download the free game now.games like pokemon go

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2. Ingress

Ingress is a mysterious game which will make you feel like the Inception (movie) like situation. Ingress is created by Niantic Inc. whose main focus is to pursue some unknown energy coming from a real world. Once you open and start the game, you will get plots of the route in which you have to keep on finding the source of unidentified energy. And this is a secret project which you have to find out the solution, come together with other people communicate to solve the quest. This is an investigation game, which your intelligence will be put to test to complete the quest.Pokemon go similar game

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3. Geocaching

Geocaching is an augmented reality treasure hunting game. In this game, you will turn on your GPS and play hunt for your treasure in the real map and GPS location. Playing this game, first, you will have an easy target to a nearer location which the treasure can be in anything, any shape or size. And within this target, you will find a clue to solving your next mysterious treasure hunting spot. So download the game and start hunting treasure now.apps like pokemon go

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4. SpecTrek Light

Spec Trek is a new virtual ghost hunting game, which is also a game like Pokemon Go. Have we had never experience catching ghost around our surrounding? But watching and listening to the tales seem pretty fun and loaded with the full adventurous situation. Well, now you can also catch the ghost with the help of this augmented virtual reality game. This game will use your GPS and frame the real location around you, and produce ghost which you can to track and hunt down the ghost. Download the game now and enjoy with your friends. For more upgrades, you can also buy the premium game on Play Store.pokemon go alternative

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5. Real Strike – 3D AR FPS App

Real Strike is another Cool AR game for giving you the real arena and experience the real war like game on your smartphone or tablets. This is a 3D game which you can have fun with virtual reality gun and weapon. The main target of the game is the virus or pest which are releasing from the pool. This pest must be eliminated to win the game. Well, to play the game you will have to print a Marker which is important to start the game.  So download the game now and enjoy with your friends.augmented reality game

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6. TableZombies Augmented Reality

Table Zombies Augmented Reality is a Zombie hunting game with 3D graphics. This is a very interesting game which you will place a real gaming arena on the table. And once you start the game, you will automatically see lots of zombies loitering in the area. Along with the zombies, you will also find some soldier battling from the ground to clear the zombies. And now you will enter into the situation, you will hold your smartphone or tablets towards the table and provide air support. You will be firing a huge gun upon the zombies from a chopper.

All you have to do is download the Marker in PDF, get it print on an A4 paper sheet and put your camera towards the marker to start the game. The number of scores increases as you kill zombies.game like pokemon go

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7. Zombie Run!

Zombie Run is an augmented reality game where you will have no weapons or buy guns to defend yourself or eliminate the huge population of Zombies. But here in this game, you will have to run away from the Zombies who are coming from any direction to hunt you. There is a certain safe zone of the target to reach in the game which your GPS tracker will set. Follow the path, run as fast as possible to reach the targeted safe zone. Well, this game will not only amuse you but also focus on how much meters have you run. This seems to be a healthy game for you to burn your calories.  Download now and enjoy being chased by virtual Zombies.apps like pokemon go

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8. Shooting AR games

This is another augmented game which you will turn on your camera to play the virtual reality game. Shooting AR games will have a schematic scene of war or alien invasion like situation. Now you will have target all the dangerous flying jets coming towards you to destroy you. Fire and kill all of the enemies flying object and complete the task. It is free to download and are also augmented game to enjoy endless war gameplay.shooting AR game

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9. Cats GO

Cats Go is another Augmented game created by Banana4apps, where you can go out and catch cats & kittens. This game will also use your GPS to track for the cats and you will have to find every cats or kitten in your route. Once you find the cats, here in this game instead of throwing the Poke ball, you will have to throw a Fur ball towards the cats. And this will capture the kittens. Cats Go is a very interesting game, you must try it one and are really a game like Pokémon Go.AR game like Pokemon Go

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10.  Pets GO

Pets Go is also create by Banana4apps, an augmented game which you would give you other pets for capturing. You will not only find dogs or cats but also other animals which you can capture and create a collection. Well, this collection will also allow you to sync with Cats Go game. So have fun downloading the pocket beasts with your Android smartphone and enjoy with your friends. Download the Free Pets Go game now.pets go game

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11. Basketball Shoot 3D Augmented Reality Hoops

There is also a basketball sports game for those who love basketball. To play this game, you just have to turn on your phone camera and focus on any plain wall. This will create a basket hoop for you to aim and throw the balls. Similar to Pokémon Go, you just have to take aim and throw the ball into the ring. Well, you have to use the real basketball skills to throw into the ring as you have to aim from a distance of 1-2 meter. So this will also improve your basketball skill to take a perfect aim just in reality.3d games like pokemon go

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12. Clandestine: Anomaly

This is another real location Virtual reality game which you have to defend your real world from the virtual alien invasion. Once the game started, you will see a bunch of alien coming into your city via air to take over your city. Now you will have to destroy the invading aliens using your phone. This is a free game and available in Google play store.pokemon go alternatives

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Final Words:

So these are the complete list of Games like Pokemon Go. All these are augmented game to allow you play the game in the real-time and real world with the virtual enemies. When you play an ordinary game, all you will do is it is a corner of a place, do nothing but simply staring at the phone’s screen.

But when you switch to the augmented reality game, you will step outside to the real world find out the virtual task or opponents for a new challenge and lots of adventures.  But the matter of fact is that you would get lots of choices to choose or play over Pokémon Go game, on your smartphone for free. Download Pokemon Go alternatives now and experience the real gaming experience.

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