To download Geometry Dash game for your Android device, may need $3.99 from your account money. But wait; here I come with free Geometry Dash Apk download. As you can download the game free from the article, so why spending money.

This platform-based is one of the best arcade game available for both Android and iOS users. This has received a whopping 4.8 rating out of 5, which is pretty awesome right? And this is why I have come with a free download for it.geometry dash apk

As you can see, this is one of the top rated video game for Smartphone users that is developed by RobTop Games. Jump and fly through in danger with all the excitement by collecting coins. And every level is here a surprise with new platform and soundtrack. The difficulty level would give you the more energy to play this game, which makes it addictive than ever. Want to download this game? Follow us to know more about this super addictive arcade game.

Free Geometry Dash Apk Download

Although for the smartphone there are many games to choose, advanced games like Pokemon Go gives gamers a new gaming experience. But still, nothing can replace arcade games, if you think so then Geometry is the game for you. Get ready for the most difficult game; push your skill with instant response to the spiky or geometrically arranged obstacles.

The game theme is simple to understand, where a moving character will jump and fly when you tap on the screen. Cross all the obstacles which come in your way and also collect available coins to unlock colors, arts. The game is all meant to kill boredom in your free time that gives hard challenges to complete.

Geometry Dash Game Features

Check what features are included in this game and I know you will be excited to download Geometry Dash game for free after it. Before you download an apk file of this game, lets concern to its all feature that you may enjoy playing it.

Challenging Levels:

Multiple challenging levels keep alive your excitement, where no chance of getting bored of this game. It comes with more than 20 levels with the new platform, obstacles, and rewards. From the level 1 get ready to feel the difficulties; once clearing the level here you come with new excitement.

Geometry Dash Fingerdash:

The new updated Geometry Dash 2.1 comes with brand new Fingerdash level. That comes with new action power of the game characters and all new obstacles arrangement. Fingerdash is well popular level for most of the Geometry Dash game players.

Beautiful Graphics:

I like its colorful graphical interface; love the fact, how goodly this game is developed and mixed-up colors in this game. Well, all the thing in this is a good combination of colors, which makes the eye-popping game ever. Colorful HD graphics even enjoyable to play on big screen tablets.

Geometry Dash Online:

This is a single player game but there is an option to invite your friend to this game. Create your own level with modified obstacles and platform. Play yourself or invite others to challenge them. Isn’t it something cool to interact with friends in free time.

Other Features: There is a practice mode to sharpen your skill, which is quite useful for this hard game. NO in-app purchase is required in this game; so, no hidden cost there as well. Geometry Dash is a light game which going to take just around 75MB of your device. It is simple to play with just tap & play, but be prepared to face the difficulties in this game.

Download Geometry Dash APK

As you might know how to download it from your device app store. But as you come to know it is going to cost you $3.99; so, find the free download link for  Geometry Dash Apk. You have seen the features of this arcade game, which quite challenging and time killing. Get this paid app on your Android device for free from the below dropped Geometry Dash app

[Geometry Dash APK Download Click Here]

Geometry Dash FAQ

How to install Geometry Dash Apk?

  • Nothing much to do installing this apk, click on the downloaded game file. You may redirect to Unknown sources, where you need to enable it. Follow the installation steps and it will get done within a moment.

How to complete Geometry Dash Levels?

  • This arcade game is way difficult for most, which makes more interesting to stick with the game by the way. All you need to play with quick interaction in every move. Or there is a Practice mode, where you can sharpen your playing skill.

How to play Geometry Dash Online?

  • Basically, the game is a single-player game. But creating your own game level, you can invite friends to challenge them. So, just create a new level for your friends or own and invite them manually thus you can play Geometry Dash online.

How to download Geometry Dash free?

  • This game cannot be downloaded free from your device own app store. But you can get from the above free download link.

How can I change my username?

  • Here is the link to change your username; please note, you can change username once in a month.

Can I get Geometry Dash PC version?

  • No, there is no version for Windows or MacOS, but there is a way to get Geometry Dash for PC. We will update another article for downloading Geometry Dash for Windows or MacOS, so be updated with us.

What are the Geometry Dash Hacks?

  • We are working for Geometry Dash hacks, tips and will update a new article soon on this site(soon after this article). So make sure to subscribe us if you really want to know some cool hacks and tricks for Geometry Dash game. Or if you play Pokemon Go then check our new Pokemon Go hacks, to play this game like a pro.

How to fix “Something went wrong” message issues?

  • This occurs when you are not logged in or if your device network signal is poor. You can refresh login or wait for a better connection.

When Geometry Dash 2.2 coming up?

  • Well, till now Geometry Dash 2.100 is the latest version and no statement from the game developer about Geometry Dash 2.2 app.

I have dropped a Geometry Dash Apk download link, which is free and reliable for Android device use. Download it now and face difficulties of this most popular game. Also, you might have seen some Geometry Dash FAQ, which may help concerning the resolution. Still, if you want to know more about this game and any issue can let me know by dropping a comment below in the comment section.

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