Google Photos App Download for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac?

Google Photos App is a very common but yet unknown to many of us. They have some of the awesome tools and features which we usually lack using if we use the default smartphone’s photo viewers. We all know what Google is? And what is the importance of it in any android device? So having Google’s app like Google Photos, will also bring much better use for our smartphones. Get Google Photos app download from this article, as I will provide a download link for this app.

Google Photos app can be used both online and offline. If you are using the Google photo offline, you will get the features to view photos, edit them, and use excellent filters to create a funny image and much more. While when you switch it to the Online- then you are getting features to store unlimited photos and also videos. The Google Photos app gives you the option to upload image and videos using Cloud which you can later view them online in other devices. Google Photo app download

Some of the features at Glance are like- Backups, automatic High-quality photo storing tools, visual search, photo collage or animation creator, cloud storing and also chrome cast. So if you have so many features for photo collection, then you should not wait any longer download Google Photo App now and enjoy the best way of viewing Photos.

Important Features Addition of Google Photos Apps

Before downloading the Google Photos, you should also see the Google Photos features. Google photo will not only allow you to view Photos but also videos. And also it will not only help you store the backup for your photo but also it will help you store your videos.

So let us see the following features which you will get using Google Photos App.

Free Unlimited storage

Get unlimited photos and videos backup storage which you can store and save High-Quality photos. And once stored you can easily access from any device either Phone or PC.

Unlimited Space

There is unlimited space which you can store each and every photo from your phone and also store or back up with only one touch on your phone.Google Photo app download

Visual search

If you have store lots of image & photos then you can search for the specific photo searching as people, places, and things without adding any tags.

Be a photo animation creator

There are awesome tools and feature by which you can create movies, collages, animations, panoramas etc. Using your huge collection of photos.

Best editing tools and photo album creator

Using the best editing tools you can make your photos more beautiful and creative. You can change color, lighting, contrast and other important editing options are also included. And with the help of album creator now create an awesome album that will allow you to create the album of your holiday trip or picnics etc.


If you have the TV that supports Chromecast, then now you can easily get your Google photo app broadcast on your TV to view the photos from your phone.

Google Photos App Download for Android

If you are using the Android device, all the Google Apps are already present by default. But not all the android device provides you with Google App. So to use the app, you must download it to your phone. To download the App you can either use Google play store or else download the APK file of Google Play Store. Google Photos app download

Google Photos App Download with APK for Android

Not all the time, you can get the app on Google play store until you have registered Google account. So if you have newly bought an android phone, and you don’t have a google account then you can get any app using the APK format.

So download the Google Photos APK to use it on your phone.

Steps are-

  • To download Google Photos APK- Click Here
  • Now this will download the file to your phone.
  • But to install the APK, you must first make a change in your Device setting. Steps are as followed-

Go to Setting> Security> Device Administration> enable Unknown Source

  • Now you can readily install the APK, go to the Download folder and click on the Google Photos APK.
  • Next, click on the install button to install the app.
  • Finally, sign in and use the app.

Google Photos App Download with Play store for Android

If you are using the Android phone and having the Google account then you can easily get the app using Google Play store.

They are free to download and to download follow the below step.Google Photo apk download

Steps are-

  • To download the Google Photos App- Click here
  • Now this will redirect to the Google Play Store, click Install Button.
  • This will automatically download and install the App on your phone.
  • Sign in and start using the App.

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Google Photos App Download with Play store for iOS device

If you are using the iOS device like iPhone and iPad, then you can also use this awesome Google Photos App. they are free to download on iTunes Apple store. If you like to use the awesome photo viewer on iOS, then you must get the Google Photos app in your and never use your Default image viewer of your phone.

Steps to download are-

  • To download the Google Photos for iOS device- Click Here
  • Now you will be redirected to download on iTunes Apple App Store.
  • Click Install to download and install the Google Photo app.

Google Photos App Download for Windows Phone

If you have Windows phone, you can still use the Google Photos on your phone. But there is no such Google app in the windows store. If you want to download the Google Photos on your windows phone, then you have to get it using the APK for windows phone.

Download Google Photos APK for windows phone

  • To download the Google Photos- Click here
  • Now you can easily download the Google Photos in your windows phone
  • Finally, the app will be installed on your windows phone.
  • Sign up and enjoy the Google Photos app on your windows phone.

Download Google Photos uploader for Mac, Windows PC

Well, you can also use the Google Photos app with the help of your PC or Mac. This will give you more features and tools for looking at the photo and edit them too. When you take a picture using your DSLR camera or you have got your collection of photography on a disk or memory SD card, then you cannot view them on your phone. To use and view the photos from such device, you got to use PC or Mac.Photo App download

And using PC, if you want to store them directly on Google Photos then you can do that too. Instead of first uploading the image on PC then transferring into your phone, you can simply get all the photos on your PC and upload them to Google Photos. Later on, you can easily get those photos on your Phone by opening the Google Photos app on your Phone.

So to download the Google Photos Uploader for Mac, keep reading the below tutorials.

  • To download the Google Photos uploader for PC or Mac- Click here
  • It will now download the GooglePhotos.exe file on your desktop
  • Next, start the installation process on your Desktop.
  • Finally, it will get installed on your PC and then start using the Google Photos and back up photos for a lifetime.

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So these are the complete tutorial for downloading the Google Photos app download in your phones like Android, iOS and also Windows. You can also get the app on your PC or Mac which will, in turn, give you much more features to access on your Google Photos app. Photos are a piece of memories so it worth to store it for a longer time. And Google Photos is the unlimited storing station where you can save all the photos safely and secured.

Google Photos App Download for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac?
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