Among all Smartphone Google Pixel 2 is the best which can give you best pictures as of now. No, any smartphones camera can beat the quality of portrait offered by Google Pixel 2. So, how about Pixel Camera like a Camera app that can bring portrait camera on your Android Smartphone. Yes, you can get Pixel Camera feature even on any smartphone that brings all the software trick to replicate quality camera same as Google Pixel Camera.pixel camera feature on any Android device

We all know that this phone is expensive, so you might think that it is not possible to have the same quality on non-Google phones.  If you wish to have the same texture of portrait image on your device then here you will get to know how to get best portrait mode on any android phone. Google is always giving a minimalistic touch to their apps among them Google Pixel Launcher is a top example.

How to get Pixel Camera Like Portrait Pode on Android Smartphone

Google pixel 2 is best taking portrait picture with its single-camera than any other phone which using the dual camera in the Google pixel flagship. This extraordinary portrait mode feature on Google Pixel 2 is only for the software upgrade. As on previous models, this newly developed software is not present that makes the camera quality different from the new one. But with the development of Pixel Camera app NXV7.3 by Charles Chow you can have the same picture and portrait quality as of Google Pixel 2 on previous models as well as on other smartphone brands. This software is also widely popular as Google camera mod.

  1. First, you need to download Google Camera XDA version or  Camera NXV7.3. It is not available on Google Play store. Reason for which you need to download it from third-party sources. If you want to download click on the below given link.downoad
  1. After you have downloaded the software it will get stored in download folder on your device.
  2. Open your device download folder and click on the apk file. Double-clicking on the file will start the installation.
  3. Before you proceed to installation you need to give permission to install third party app on your mobile. To do that you need to go to your mobile settings and then to security. On security you will get an option Unknown sources which you need to enable (Settings> Security> Enable Unknown Sources).pixel launcher apk download
  4. Now again click on the apk file to begin the installation process. It will take some moment to complete but on between installations you need to agree to some terms and condition of this app.  Click Agree or Yes and continue.
  5. After it gets complete a new icon will appear on your device screen. Click on the icon and start getting the Google Pixel 2 portrait mode on Android device.

After all above procedures successfully completed open your Camera NX app and click on its menu present on the left top corner of the window. On click to this menu, you will get many options from where you need to click on Portrait mode. Your task is completed and from now you can take quality portrait picture from your smartphone.pixel camera app

Get Portrait Effect on more Android  Devices with Camera NX: Feature

  • The interface of this app is friendly that makes easy having the best portrait picture.
  • It is a free app and compatible with all smartphones.
  • It has many tools using which you can make your picture more beautiful.
  • If you have any face imperfection then it will be invisible while shooting a picture with this app.

Enable Portrait Effect Same As Google Pixel Camera Now

This app is tested on all Google Pixels and on some latest Android phones. It works fine on all Android devices but while using it on other devices apart from Google some of you may face not responding issue. For the reason, we have tested the same app on One Plus 3T and found that it works fine as well. Still, if you are facing any issue related to this app then drop your query in the below comment box.

I have done experiment with this app on many smartphones and found that handset those are running on the latest Android operating system, Camera NX works fine.  The developer of this app has developed two variants of this app. One is ZSL variant and other is Non- ZSL variant.

On ZSL variant you will get many Google pixel camera features, face retouching, Motion photos and much more. But on the Non-ZSL variant, you will get only face retouching and motion photos.

Download Now Camera NX –ZSL

Download Now Camera NX – Non-ZSL

Get Google Pixel Like Portrait Mode on any Android Smartphone
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