As technology is developing a new height security for phones have been one of the most important features nowadays. And when it comes to the device security fingerprint sensor, iris scanner is very much important. But the in the new era of technologies Face recognization is one of the requested features for everyone. After Apple has first released the Face recognization features in their latest flagship phone i.e. the iPhone X every tech freak are in love with the Face Match security features. Even though if the features look very cool, but in most of the cases the Face recognization can be fooled by just an HD photo print of the person.

So Android has been trying to bring up some more modification in the new technology and introduce it in the Android phones. Google has been trying to introduce the more advance Face Match security features on the phones and has been testing in many of the Google application. In the latest news, we have come through that Google is trying to implement the Face match security in the new version of Google assistance. So let’s check out how the Face Match feature is going to work and how we have come to know about the new Google assistance features.

Is Google really trying Face Match:

In the latest version of the Google Assistance code, there is a code for the Google assistance new features which will be so called as the “Face Match”. The name clearly says in the codes and you can make it out what will this feature use and how is it going to work. Well, there are not many codes regarding this new feature of the app.

Face Match

As reported from the apk teardown of the Google’s latest app which is conducted by XDA-developers, we have come to know that the new feature “Face Match” in the settings of the new Google’s Assistance. The code of the new feature also tells us that the app is going to use the Metadata in the form of images or videos of our faces. Also, to confirm the news if you can check the settings directory of the new Google Assistance, there is a separate enrollment for the new “Face Match” feature.

More about the name:

Coming to the name, well there is nothing sure what creative Google will come out with a name when they finally release this feature publicly. But as of now, the Face Match code is kept inside the “AvocadoOnBoarding” class. So Avocado is the code name of the new features and you can also see it in the latest version Google Assistance settings, and the feature also need your permission to use the phone camera.

So with all these codes and new names like Face Match, Avocado we have come to a conclusion that Google is really into something which includes Google new machine that learns the API kit for Face Detection. So in the future update of Google phones or app, you might see a huge change in security and it is lightly to get something called Face Match in the app and Trusted Faces security system in the Google-powered phone on in the new Android P.

This is all regarding the news of the new Google update that they have given through the new version of the Google assistance. There is nothing official about this news, it is just the news that is discovered by some tech genius. Also, there is no exact date when will these features come into action on your Android phone or on the app. But we can conclude with a saying that technology is changing pretty fast.


‘Face Match’ Authentication – New Feature For Google Assistance [Read to Know]
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