Gmail tricks and tips are here to better knowing hidden Gmail features here in this article. No matter what job, business, workplace you are into having an email Gmail ID is a basic necessity. Moreover that, Gmail offers free storage space and many features that you can use to customize your Gmail. You can get premium features with Gmail which will require you to pay a decent amount of money if you are going to use it on any other email provider. No just features, Gmail comes with many tips, secrets, and tricks that you can also use as an everyday Gmail user to make the full use of your Gmail experience.secret gmail tricks

So if you want to know about these tips and tricks then this article will definitely help you out. Customize your Gmail with background images, custom font and size and even groups for different emails. You ask it and we will provide it out for you.

Gmail Tricks & Hidden features and Tips That Every Gmail User Should Know!

If you want to know about any tips or tricks that you wish you could get with Gmail then let us know in the comment section below and we will try out best to figure the trick out. Without further delay let us start off with our list of Gmail tricks.

How to undo sent Email:

Well, you can’t undo what mistakes you do in real life but with Gmail, if you have sent out an email with wrong content or to a wrong recipient then you can use this feature to undo it. This is a Hidden feature of Gmail which we all tend to overlook.

gmail tips

When you send out an email you will get a notification saying “Your message has been sent” and just with the notification you will see 2 more options “Undo” & “View message”. You will simply need to click on the Undo option to undo any sent email to unsend sent gmail

If you can’t see this option normally then go to setting on your Gmail account by clicking on the “Tool” option then clicking on “Setting”. In the setting option, you will need to tick on “Enable Undo Send” and then select an amount of time which you want to select when the notification pops up. You can select from 5 or 10 or 20 or 30 seconds to choose from and then filly click on “Save Changes” which will be at the bottom of the page. Interesting Gmail tricks! Isn’t it?

Enjoy Gmail In-Lab Features ( All Testing Features Included):

Become a part of Gmail testing unit where you will be able to enjoy a lot of features that Gmail is testing out in their lab. Here you can choose any features that you want to test out. To enjoy this trick, you will need to open Gmail and go to click on the “Tool” option then clicking on “Setting”.gmail tips

In the setting option, you will need to click on “Labs” option and select from the beta testing features that you want to enjoy hacks

Also read all the features in detail before you enable them so you can sort the features out, which you need to add to your Gmail and which you don’t need. Note that, the features available here can be added or removed any time so don’t be shocked if you miss out any update or if any testing features that have been removed.

All on the same Gmail Platform:

This is a very nifty trick that allows you to easily enjoy emailing from different email ids. With more than one email id, you will either need to switch between different browsers or log in and log out from same browsers to check different emails. But with Gmail Unified inbox feature you can get all the emails at the same spot.

Don’t worry about any security issues at all as you will get a 4 step verification with high security to avoid any security conflict between the two or more email ids.

The features come with many advantages like you will be able to send or receive an email from one single email but your emails will be sent or received from the specific email id only.

So to combine two or more emails you will first need to follow these steps below:

Step 1: First you will need to login to your secondary account and click on Setting on Tool option.

Step 2: Now click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Step 3: In the options click on “Add a forwarding address”.

Step 4: Now type in the email where you want to forward your specific email and confirm the main email by logging in and with 4 step verification which will require you to confirm an email in the process so have both the emails logged in simultaneously on your PC and smartphone together.

Step 5: Now you are ready to get all the emails from multiple email account onto your single main Gmail account.


Sending larger file then allowed:

Gmail allows you to send larger files then 25MB but for this feature, you will need the premium (paid) account. But if you are a daily Gmail user and you are annoyed you are annoyed due to 25MB file size limitation and you also don’t want to send money then this trick is for you. Login to Google Drive now uploads the file to the Google Drive account.

send large file using drive

Now go the Compose email on Gmail (login with the same email id as Google Drive) and then click on Google Drive icon and click to add the file from the Google Drive directly and then send the email. The receiver can now sign in to his/her own Google Drive account to download the larger file (more the 25MB) from Google Drive.

Get Gmail Notification on Desktop:

By default, smartphones are customized to notify you when you receive a new email but what will you do if you are on a desktop? Well, you can simply go to Setting >  General > Desktop Notification and Enable it to get a notification on your desktop when you receive any new email.


So these were the 5 most exclusive tips, tricks, and features that you can enjoy while using Gmail. With all these in hand, you can make using email much easier and time effective. Hope these tips were helpful and if you have enjoyed knowing about these tips then leave a comment below and let us know. We will keep updating this Gmail tricks when we find any new and unique Gmail tricks that can come in handy every single day.

Hidden Gmail Tricks & Features That Every Gmail User Should Know!
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