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The Android operating system is the world best versatile OS for smartphones and to hide apps on Android is much easier than any platforms. If you want to know how to hide apps on Android device then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will help you to solve your problem of hiding apps with few easy steps to follow. There may be plenty of option available for hiding apps on your Android phone. But we will let you know about the best hiding apps that can hide the app’s icon from your app drawer making hard & impossible to reach without hide apps on Android

Hiding apps or hiding stuff is available on most of the Android devices. Plenty options do make problem choosing the right one for you. You need not have to worry about as there are few apps available in the Play store like File Hide Expert, Private Me etc. Let us know describe all methods and tricks to hide apps using best hide apps for Android without root and root access.

Hide Apps on Android 2018 [Non-Root/Root Access]

We always want to hide few Apps which we don’t want to share or show to others like chatting apps which may contain private conversation, gallery data etc. Obviously, there could be many private information, photos, videos, which you may not be comfortable to show and share.

The positive about Android OS is that you can get many hide apps from Google Play. Well, out of most there are indeed some of them useful. Some of them free or paid that make complex for some. Hence, here we did find our best pick for best file hide apps for Android users.


  • File Hide Expert is a solid app for this task. Hide and unhide of any file is done using this App. First, you need to go to Google play store to download and install this app. Or click on the below download button.


  • Once you download this App you will receive a message about hiding file list is empty. Then you will find an icon which will get display on the screen. Just tap on the folder in the right-top of the screen to start hiding files.
  • Just like basic file manager App the File Hide Expert functions the same way. Now you have to find out the file location and then you can hide the file easily. Head back to the main screen after you check off files you want to hide.conceal files on Android
  • All your files will spirit away once you click the HIDE ALL button. After doing so that file will be inaccessible for snooping phone borrowers and it will not appear anymore in the file manager and not even gallery.hide files on Android
  • Whenever you want to open those files just simply open the File Hide Expert and click the Restore All.hide files
  • File Hide Expert uses a password to not allow direct access to anyone else than the owner. Which allow to keep your file content safe, so that anyone else cannot open your secret files.password protected files
  • Lastly, tap the menu button and then set which will allow you to choose a password. Now check that box and enter a password and remember your password, don’t forget as because you need to use it everytime you want to open File Hide Expert.

Now, your all confidential files cannot be accessed by any unauthorized as long as you have protected the password. This file Android hide apps will encrypt them making others impossible to get into your device files. Well, this was one of the best picks from our best Android hide apps of 2018; check out more in below.

 PRIVATE ME – Hide Apps on Android

Private me is another best App for hiding apps on Android with no require of root permission. Many users asked about it several times how to hide apps on Android devices without root. So it is possible to hide App without rooting using Private Me app.

  • Private Me was developed by Tritech technologies with more than 100k plus download and 4.5-star ratings.
  • Top features of Private Me includes features like hiding App, cover Private Me, Clone App, Hide Pictures and App Lock.
  • We will now discuss the steps to hide Apps using the Private Me App:
  • First of all, go to the Google Play Store and then download and install the App Private Me. Or find the download button in below;


  • After download, as you know it will be auto-install on your Android device.hide apps
  • Now Open the App and start navigating to the right upper corner and touch the plus icon.hide WhatsApp
  • With just one click all the app you have installed will appear on your device, just click all those apps you want to hide. Say, if you want to hide WhatsApp app on the Android device then select WhatsApp icon.hide WhatsApp with hiding app for Android
  • It will create a clone of WhatsApp app which you have to hide apps on Android
  • Now maybe you need to uninstall the app from the home screen if they ask you. Click Yes button to completely hide your to hide WhatsApp conversation
  • Now WhatsApp will be hidden from the home screen of your smart device but you can still access that app from the Private Me app.
  • Just open the Private Me app and open the application menu. And then click on the app you want to use.

This app is to secure your all private chat and conversation on your device. In this way, you can hide apps like Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Email apps and much more. Hence, it is a much easier way to hide your private chat and text, which you don’t want to share who often check your device. Using Private Me app is that you safe from misuse of your device or files.

 Hide it Pro [Root Android Device]

Audio Manager is yet another best hide App for Android in 2018 when it comes about hiding apps on root Android smartphone and tablet. It can hide apps, music, videos, images, message & chats and files easily.  It comes with free cloud backup for the advance safety of your files. Besides, hiding files, it hides apps icons from app drawer and this makes best of all. The Audio Manager was developed by Mr. Anuj Tenani with more than 100k downloads and a rating of 4.3 stars also known a Hide it pro. However please note that to get all pro feature you must have root access on your Android device. Don’t worry, even if you don’t have a root device still you can enjoy most of the features.

  • Audio Manager is the best App for all root user and that’s why you need root only for app hiding work. There is no requirement of root permission required for hiding images, files, and videos.
  • As it works behind a mask as an Audio Manager and that’s why this App is named as Audio manager.
  • When outside person will try to open it they will not able to realize that this is Audio Manager app rather they will find it as an audio setting app.
  • Top features of this App includes Free cloud backup, Multiple Lock screen, Fingerprint unlock, integrated slideshow etc.

Steps to hide Apps using the Audio Manager – Hide it Pro App:

  • First of all, go to the Google Play and search for Audio Manager App and then download and install it on your Android device. Or click on the below download button, which will redirect you to this hide apps for Android installation page.downoad
  • Tap on the Audio Manager icon to open the app.hide it pro app
  • To dive into actual Audio Manager just you need to tap and hold the Audio Manager app.hide apps for Android
  • Now you have to set a password of your choice to secure your app so that anyone else may not open this app without your to encrypt files on Android
  • Once this is done you will be on the Audio Manager home Screen and then they will ask you for setting a password and few others basic processes to follow.lock apps for Android
  • Now you will be inside the Audio Manager App and all the app will be displayed on the home screen just select and click to hide them whichever you want to hide. There are Hide Apps, Lock Apps, File Manager, Browser, Messages, Notes, Encryption, Settings, Picture, Videos, and Music options to match your desire of hiding files.
  • Just click Yes button if they ask you for rooted phone.just by clicking the plus icon option grant the root access.
  • Again if you want to unhide those apps to file just follow the above steps again to unhide using hide apps on Android.

Note: One thinks you should keep in mind that only for rooted this app is works otherwise, you need to download the  Private Me App.

Download Best Hide Apps on Android Device: It’s free

In this article, we try to help you to find a solution to Hide apps on Android Smartphone and tablet. Hope your search is over now as we describe you step by step about hiding apps for Android for both unroot device and root device. We have tried to make it simple to guide you to know about those three apps clearly how to hide photos, videos, files etc. on your Android device. If you like this article please give us positive feedback and share it on social media, so that it may help others those who are looking for such app.

For any queries using any of these hiding apps for Smartphone [Android] feel free to drop a comment here below. I would love to answer as soon as possible regarding your concern.

Best hide apps on Android Device | Hiding Apps & How to hide Photos/Videos/Files
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