How much does Netflix cost? Available plans Price Comparison for all Countries!

Netflix company is specialized in streaming Movies, TV shows, special programmes etc. directly on your PC or Smart TV and Smartphone. But, the main point is that how much does Netflix cost for its available plans? Before streaming movies and shows, you need to buy the subscriptions for the monthly or yearly purpose. The price of subscription also varies from country to country. Thus, here in this topic, we will talk about the cost of Netflix for India as well as for other much does netflix cost

Netflix provides you the subscriptions in two ways; One is DVD/Blue Ray only for the US and the streaming only for all other countries including the US. So if you are from the United States and other countries then choose the Streaming service for the monthly or Yearly plans. Additionally, they also provide you the limited and unlimited plan for the frequent users. So, let us have a look at the main point i.e. how much does Netflix cost.

How much does Netflix Cost in My Country?

Now we will start to talk about the Netflix cost for the US as well as for India. As we have already told you that Netflix DVD/Blue Ray is available for the US only. While the HD and Ultra HD streaming is available for India and US as well. So let us talk about the cost of Netflix plans in terms of both the categories.

DVD/Blue Ray Plan (Only US):

At first, we will talk about the DVD/Blue-ray plan. The DVD plan depends on the number of DVD discs you are purchasing at a time. You are also able to add the Blue Ray, which cost you more than DVD. If you choose the Blue Ray plan then you can take the DVD versions also. But with DVD plan you can’t take Blue Ray. You can also choose the limited and unlimited plans as well.

The limited plans are for only one DVD at a single time. Maximum two DV you can buy in one month. But, the unlimited plan depends on terms and conditions.

If we talk about the price then for a limited plan per month you have to pay $4.99. Whether for the unlimited plan you have to pay the cost, which ranges from $7.99 to $52.99. This cost depends on how much disc you are choosing and Blue ray is there or plans charges

The above services are only available for the US.

Streaming Plan (Other Countries):

On any internet network, Netflix allows you to purchase the streaming plan. This plan is quite less than the DVD plans. For $8.99 (US), you can purchase the monthly streaming plan. If you have already subscribed earlier then the price may decrease to $1.

Now for the Indian Users, the Netflix streaming plans may vary from $5 or 319.13INR to $20 or 1276.50 per month. Besides that, there is an option to choose the single screen or double screen and higher with standard and HD quality as well.

Please make sure that you are choosing the best plan and the price sometimes gets vary according to the company’s terms and condition.

Netflix Plans Comparison [Netflix Subscription Charges]

The next point is about the plans for getting subscribe in Netflix. This price is also getting upgrade and downgrade at any time. So, there are total three plans available for all the users globally. One is Basic, the Second one is Standard and other is Premium.available netlix plans

  • Basic Plan:

The basic plan is available to watch movies and other shows in the standard quality. It allows you to access the service at one device at a time. Presently it costs you 500INR for one year and first month free. You can watch unlimited films and TV shows on one screen at a time.

  • Standard Plan:

Standard Plan will cost you 650INR in which you can get the HD quality with two screens available. Besides that, the first month is free for you with unlimited films and TV program. You can also cancel at any time and choose another plan as you need.

  • Premium Plan:

Premium plans allow you to watch HD and Ultra HD videos with four screens at a time. This plan cost you 800INR with first-month free use. Besides that, all the other features are also available for the premium users on a yearly basis.

Final Words: How Much Netflix Plans Cost!

At last, we want to tell you that if you want to enjoy the online TV shows and movies without taking the download headache then Netflix is there for you. Before choosing your subscription please visit the official website of Netflix and get, the updated plans according to your need. Hope this topic about how much does Netflix cost is helpful for you all. Have a great day and enjoy your favorite movies and shows via Netflix now.

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