iPhone X is almost everyone’s dream phone as of now but one of the downtimes will be when your iPhone goes off. Now you already did know the hefty cost of this device, but how much will it cost to repair the iPhone X? This new 10 edition of iPhone is a bold step taken by Apple. This all-new full screened iPhone is arguably the performing device as of now. It has insanely fast A11 Bionic Chip, which technically doubles the performance than Snapdragon 835. Besides, all charming makeover in their 10th edition, the repairing cost may give you a shock.

Any idea! how much will it cost to fix an iPhone X device?


Well, we are here to distinguish the cost of repairing the iPhone X and you will definitely in deep shock after knowing the repair charges of this device. Although, I know how hard it is when a beloved $1000 doesn’t seem to work anymore.how will it cost to repair the iphone x

If this happened to you or just aware what are the charges after you needing a fix for iPhone X then get some proper idea how much you will be losing money from your bank.

Looking for Damaged iPhone X Fix?

If you planning to buy this expensive iPhone or just got damaged then you might need to know how much it cost to fix an iPhone X. However, repair charges depend on the part of the device and also depending on the region you live. This is always recommended to get repair your defected iPhone in AppleCare+ if you want back this beauty tech like before.

Apple has introduced many new features to their most anticipated iPhone X. Definitely some of its feature makes outstanding than previous generations iPhone. We know how costlier is this new device but is this worth?

Well, for this question the Answer will be mixed or Yes if you want to be with one of the best Smartphones or best iPhone as of now.

Here some points you may need to note why it is better to have if money is not a big deal for you.

iPhone X Vs. Previous Generation iPhone

We know iPhone X was launch this year right after revealing the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. To be precise, iPhone is a special edition in terms of 10 anniversary of iPhone devices. Well, they have to give all effort to make it special for its customer too. Definitely, iPhone X has a modern look, as most of the giant manufacturers opting for full-screen design.

Beside modernize display there are many things to add before you know how much it cost to fix defected iPhone X.

Here I will showcase some advantages of having iPhone X over the previous generation;

Edge-to-Edge Super Retina Display:

iPhone X is the first iPhone to have Super Retina Display and also the first to have an edge-to-edge screen. The measuring 5.8 display but still, it makes a pleasure to hold; thanks to its super compact form factor or bezel-less design. This Super Retina screen is OLED display made by Samsung and yes, I will let you know how much it is going to cost you repairing iPhone X screen cracked. The new concept of full-screen design doesn’t only give it updated look but also must better to use one-handed than 5.5” inch other iPhone Plus devices.repairing charges of an iPhone X

The New FaceID:

This a new security feature replacing the TouchID, which is for now iPhone X exclusive feature. Yes, FaceID is the new solution for Apple in their iPhone X device, as the edge-to-edge display doesn’t make any room for Home button or TouchID. It is not like other Face Unlock technology that most of the Android devices have; in fact, this scan 3D structure of your face and makes much more secure.repair cost iphone x

The Camera

The camera is the major thing is to be considered to be one of the best smartphones. And yes, Apple has made this again, in the front a 7-megapixel “TrueDepth” and the new dual-camera is now vertically setup in the rear. Now both rear and front camera sports optical image stabilization. And yes, there is a laundry list of filters and effect to do with the camera.iphone x camera repair

The Design

This already mentioned but we are really tired of seeing the same design of iPhone. The all-new iPhone X has 5.8” Inch edge-to-edge display; having a compact design it measures 143.6mm x 70.9mm x 7.7mm. Despite having the biggest display on an iPhone, it has an almost same measurement of other 4.7” inch iPhones.iphone x screen repair


This is again iPhone X exclusive feature; however, this is not that breathtaking feature to have. But it is definitely fun to use and share with friends. Using the depth-sensing camera it mimics your facial expression with some of the emojis.damage iphone x

So, do you think these iPhone X exclusive features are worth money? Definitely, it is a new taste of iOS11 with an all-new design. However, this comes all for personal preference, but if you are bored of the same design and looking for a premium device with top-notch features then it should be one of your choices.

How Expensive is iPhone X Actually?

But wait, $1000 is not only the investment you will be spending buying iPhone X. $999 is the base model which comes with 64GB storage, and for 265GB storage variant you will have to pay $11,49. Paying this hefty price, it is really sad to know that Apple doesn’t include the Fast Charger  (wired) out of the box. Yes, you have to buy it at $49 separately and if you want to buy a Qi-certified wireless charger for it then it cost you more.iphone x price for repair

Anything else?

Well, from the boxed accessories you get a same wired EarPods. So, if you wish to buy a pair of AirPods then you have to break $149 from your bank.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to spend on this iPhone and make sure you are ready to spend to use this device in full-fledge.

How Much will it Cost to Repair the iPhone X?

You saw how much it cost you buying the iPhone X accessories. So, how about repairing a defective iPhone X? It is hard to know its expenses but even harder to know fixing costs such as replacing a cracked screen or other damage repairment. After knowing the repair cost of iPhone X, you may want to live with it without any fix.

As repairing your damaged Apple Product or iPhone X is highly recommended to be done at nearest AppleCare+. Please note that the repairing cost of iPhone X may vary as of your location.

At the very first, your iPhone X will have 90 days of live support from AppleCare and 1 year of warranty. This can be extended to 2 years and for that, you will cost $199 for AppleCare+.

If you are in The United States it will charge you $280 for screen replacement without AppleCare+ coverage and for other damages $549. Having AppleCare+ coverage it just cost you around $199. Source says, for screen repairment in Australia will more painful without AppleCare+ plan and you would be charged at least $420. For additional damages, a whopping $820 will be charged for the repair.apple store for iphone x repair

As said this may vary as per with AppleCare+ or without AppleCare+ coverage. If you are in India, the screen repairing cost would be around Rs. 13,000 with AppleCare+ coverage at your nearest AppleCare. And for iPhone X damage repairing cost you around $35,000 in India.

IN: The repairing cost may vary as per your location. This update will give a proper idea of a damaged iPhone X repairing charges. Please visit the nearest Apple Store to know precisely the charges or log on to Apple Support.

Wrapping Up: Be Ready for More Investments!

Well, you can see this $1000 or more expensive iPhone X is a great device to have if you keep the pricing aside or price is not big deal for you. But who is buying this in their tight budget then should know how much will it cost to repair the iPhone X? So, this is why I have added repairing charges for damage iPhone X.

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As you now can see the repairing charge even go higher than a brand new iPhone 7. It is totally fine if money is not a big concern to you and after buying it if you do not break it. But people with a tight budget should avoid it and be prepared to invest in iPhone X.



How Much Will It Cost to Repair the iPhone X? Things To Know Before You Buy!
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