Today in this post, I will be sharing some words about one of the most triggered issues among internet users. Well, in here you will get to know how to access blocked websites. I am sure this error loading happened to you too and if you want to know how to fix this thing then follow up this article. Browsing through various websites, you might have seen page loading issue, Requested URL has been blocked, or many other loading errors. Well, this type of act really kills the fresh intention when we are looking for a useful thing on that certain website. So, this is why I have come with all possible solution to fix this issue. Recently I have also written article on The Pirate Bay Proxy Sites List which you can also read and learn.

Wants to know how??

You might like to know the fixing resolution of blocked websites. Because now or someday this will trigger, which is pretty sure. So, it is wise to learn how to unblock blocked website and get access to the server on the go. Well, I will be adding according to the possible issue that shows Blocked warning on the screen. So, let us get into the topic and find the way to get rid of this thing permanently and easily.

access blocked sites

How to access blocked websites or unblock restricted sites?

Here to get access to restricted websites, you can see many methods given in below. These methods will vary as per your device and according to the possible way to run block sites. So, feel free to use these pro guides to unblock blocked sites.

Important Note: Please remember that this guide gives a general idea and we are not responsible for any regional rules consequences.

Unblock Restricted Sites or Get access to Blocked Websites

Check out one by one method for unlocking the restricted site that you want to visit. Hope this should be useful to you in this regards.

Change The DNS Server of Your Device

You can change the DNS server or can use Google DNS and OpenDNS for Prefered DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server. This should help if you are facing loading issue on certain sites only. For you can use and respectively in the box for Prefered DNS Server and Alternate DNS server. Windows users can follow the below-given steps to enter these working DNS servers.

Your network IP includes all the digital information of you including your location. So, if your country blocked the website that you want to visit then the certain DNS server block you as well on their server. Hence, if you change with the DNS server then there is a cent percent chance to get access for your how to access blocked websites.

For Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP and Vista

If you own a Windows running PC then check out the process to fix blocked website and get into its server on the go.

  • Windows 7, XP and Vista user can navigate to Network Sharing Center or follow Start>> Control Panel>> Network & Internet>> Network and Sharing Center.
  • If your PC is running on Windows 8 or 8.1 take your cursor to the right screen to bring right-sidebar and in the search bar add Control Panel then hit Enter. Now, you need to follow the same Network & Internet>> Network and Sharing Center.
  • Or Windows 10 user can use right-click on the Network button (Notification Area) and select Open Network and Sharing Center.
  • Now at the left, you can see Change adapter settings. Click on that to see the available adapters.proxy sites for restricted server
  • Right-click on the active network adapter and go to Properties.browse blocked websites
  • Now after that, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and again select Properties.proxy setting to access blocked sites
  • In the next, you can go to the radio option where you can customizable DNS server codes. If you want to use Google DNS then add as Prefered DNS Server and for the Alternate DNS Server Besides Google DNS server, you can also use OpenDNS; for Prefered DNS Server and Alternate DNS server enter and respectively in the box.
  • After doing all, click on ok button and try loading the blocked site to get access. Hope this should help to unblock restricted sites.

Recast The Blocked URL

The URL you want to access that may not have a verified SSL, which are hosted on Dedicated server Environment and VPN. However, this issue can be fixed really fast and with just a few efforts. And this method can be used on any device such as Smartphone tablet, PC, Mac etc.

  • Open your device’s browser; instead of just entering the blocked website’s URL try adding https://
  • For example, you need to put the website like this – https://www.BlockedwebsiteURL.comblocked domain name

As I said this can cause of unverified or expired SSL running on the site server, it will pop-up a security alert before you enter to the website server.  From the options Proceed Anyway and Back Safety. Click Proceed Anyway to get a pass to the restricted server.

How to Access Blocked Websites on Android Smartphone or Tablet?

I already mentioned the general DNS server or codes for  Prefered and Alternate DNS server address to unblock blocked websites without an issue. Now, let us see how to make it possible ob your Android device; if you are an Android device user then check out on steps for it.

  • Go to the Android device main Settings and go to the Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi network you are connected and select Configure Wi-Fi Network option.
  • In next, tap on DNS Server option and choose manual DNS.
  • Now provide in the manual DNS address bar and tap ok. or Google DNS address enter and for Prefered and Alternate DNS address on your Android device.

Check out the all process picture in below ⇓browse restricted servers

On iOS/iPhone/iPad Access Blocked Websites

Now if you use an iOS device or iPhone/iPad try replacing the DNS address like Android and PC we did recently. Follow the easy steps on your iOS device right now; [How to access blocked websites]

  • Go to the Settings and tap on the Wi-FI menu.
  • Now tap on “i” sign right with your connected Wi-Fi Network.
  • Scroll down below and tap on Configure to unblock blocked sites
  • Choose the Manual option and add new DNS server to it. Or add, and save it.unblock blocked websites

Tweaks For Google Chrome Users

Google Chrome is the best browser for PC till date and you may be using this. If yes, here I am going to add to the concern on how to access blocked websites. Let us know how to access restricted sites in Chrome browser.

  • Go to the Chrome Settings and scroll down below; select Advanced.unblock proxies
  • Again go down and find Open proxy settings.proxy setting to access restricted sites
  • A new window of Internet Properties will pop-up, where you need to select the LAN to access restricted sites
  • Again a new window of Local Area Network (LAN) Settings will appear. In here, you need tick two option from the below. Check out the below picture given below.access block site
  • And after these and all, click on OK button. Now go back to the Chrome Home and try loading the blocked site; hope this may help to make a way to error site.

Resolve Restricted Site Issue on Firefox

Well, it is time to check out getting access to blocked sites in Firefox browser. Now, if you use this browser on your PC check out how to get into the method.

  • Open Firefox browser and tap on the more like shown in the below picture.browse restricted server
  • Now from this menu you have to choose Options.restricted site browse
  • Now scroll down till you get the Network Proxy setup menu and click on the Settings.step to access blocked website
  • Finally, all you have to do is choosing the Manual proxy configuration and please provide a working proxy in the SSL and FFT Proxy in the box subsequently. To know them you can also search unblocked proxies on the internet. After then click on OK button.settings to access sites

As you can see this is simpler than Chrome steps; just follow the step by step shown in above and included picture also help a lot to better understanding steps. Well, doing all the steps, you can check if it working to get access blocked website.

Use Cached Version Server

The restricted site that you want to visit would have a cache version presentation. This trick should help you using the Google Cached version. However, to run this trick you must have visited on the certain website in the past. If yes, just entering the Blocked URL, the browser shows you up in the result. This trick doesn’t need an internet connection and would not let you get into the least but only limited to the last you browse on that server.

Shortening The Restricted Server URL

This trick may not work but it works in some cases; so recommend you to try this as well. You have to use the Short URL conversion method you can try out and Google URL Shortener is the best that you can use.

Visit this link ⇒

shorten url of blocked sites

And paste the Blocked URL that you wish to surf and click on SHORTEN URL. Immediately you will get a shortened link; now copy it and paste it into browser address bar. Hope, this should give you access to blocked servers.

Using Proxy and VPN Conversion Apps

Now, this is another convenient way to access blocked server using inverted VPN and Proxy. Yes, there are many useful VPN apps to choose for your PC. You can also get VPN and Proxy changing the extension for your browser. And if want to know some of the Free Proxy Sites of popular servers then go through this link.

hola for unblock restricted websites

In this case, if you use Chrome browser you can get Hola extension in it and it should detect automatically VPN server. Hola is free to use and one of the top rated VPN for PC users. Also, many paid and free similar tool you can find for this concern and help you to access the blocked website.

This should work if the required site is blocked in your country and VPN tool will automatically detect working countries’ DNS address.

So, these were all about people those who wish to know How to access blocked websites or how to access restricted sites or unblock blocked websites. I have provided all the possible method to get done with the restricted site issue; all you need is to follow the given steps and hope pictures of steps should help you a better understanding about the method. So, try out now the required method for you and please let us know for any inconvenience following steps or if you know any others solution for blocked website access then drop a comment in below comment section and do share this article if you have liked it. Thank you for reading this article until this line.

How to Access Blocked Websites – Unblock Restricted Sites in All Browsers!
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