How to Convert Micro SIM to Nano SIM Card? [3 Easy Steps to Resize Your SIM at Home]

Today world is filled with several brands and types of Android smartphone or iOS devices. Each phone comes with variations in its processor, camera megapixels, storage, RAM, OS and many different features of the phone. It is no wonder that most of the device lacks some of the features and some of these shares the same features but bigger in amount, and the difference in its quality or size and functions. We have no idea what technology is bringing new for use in Smartphone as it is getting more advanced with each day goes by. And with the changes in technology, we also get to see the transformation of the size of the SIM CARD. Today we will discuss with you regarding How to Convert Micro SIM Card to Nano SIM to convert micro sim card to nano sim card

When a purchase a new phone, that time you have to buy a new SIM CARD if you are using the phone for the first time. Take a note if your device is using Mini SIM CARD slot or MICRO SIM CARD slot or trio SIM CARD slot. In case, you are using trio SIM enabled phone then you can easily use Nano SIM Card. Or, simply club the pieces together for preparing Micro SIM card or Mini SIM Card. Alos, there are many ways even if you don’t own Nano or mini or micro SIM Card.

And if you are not making plans to own a brand new SIM card and wish to use your old SIM Card. In that situation, the current SIM Card that you are having with if it turns out to be an old one.

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And then the only way to use it is by cutting if your Smartphone supports only Mini SIM Card (2FF) Nano SIM Card (4FF) or Micro SIM card (3FF). We have come up with a cutting procedure of SIM Card into Micro or Nano size. All you have to do is follow the instructions that are suggested below in step-wise.

How to Convert Micro SIM to Nano SIM Card [Make Your Own At Home]

At the time of cutting the original size of the normal SIM Card, make sure you take the proper measurement before you cut the SIM in a proper shape and size. Below we have provided you the steps to cut the ordinary size and shape of SIM card into Nano SIM Card.

  • First Step: At the very first, take out your existing Micro SIM Card and make sure to mark the exact line of measurement of the SIM card, Nano SIM Card measurement should be exactly 12.3 mm X 8.8 mm. You can mark the lines by using a permanent marker or sketch pen to trace the cut line of your SIM Card.
    how to make nano SIM
  • Second Step: The proper step to cut any operator SIM card is to do it with the help of the sharp tool, as once you cut it there is no way to reshape it. Cut the SIM by very carefully using scissors or any other sharp instruments and that should be done without making any to make micro sim to nano sim
  • Third Step: This is the final step, and that is cutting the normal SIM Card into Nano SIM Card. In this section of the procedure, you have to be very careful at the time of cutting the SIM. Now cut the mark lines on the SIM card using sharp objects or tools following the exact trace lines.

When you finish doing it, your ordinary SIM is ready to be used as Nano SIM card. And it is time to place it on your Smartphone and start using it.

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Final Words: Easily Make Micro SIM to Nano at Home

This is the complete information about How to Convert Micro SIM to Nano SIM Card At Home. Above-mentioned steps work out accurately is the best method to prepare Nano SIM card from ordinary SIM Card. Now whenever you purchase a new phone that supports only Nano SIM card, it will be no longer an issue for you. Since you have learned the cutting produced of the Nano SIM from normal size of SIM card. Do it sitting at home without getting any help from the shop or other when you are in need of using SIM during an emergency. For the best result, you can use SIM Cutter which is available at online shopping or at stores. It will help you get the best shape SIM card size and shape at the time of cutting.

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